Me, Meme & Rush Limbaugh…

Apparently Rush Limbaugh was watching the night I appeared on CNN’s Campbell Brown! Below is a portion of the transcript taken from his website.




The Left’s New Villain: Fat People July 29, 2009

RUSH: We’ve got some interesting sound bites here on this fat stuff. Let’s go to CNN last night, Campbell Brown’s show. She spoke to the National Action Against Obesity president MeMe Roth about obesity in America. The skinny versus fat battle is heating up here. Liberals fanning out to blame fat people for everything, they’re the new villain — I told you this. Here’s Campbell Brown to MeMe Roth: “Get to the heart of the problem in terms of what you think we ought to do.”

ROTH: If you wanted to make a nation fat, we have set our culture up to do exactly that. It’s like we’re living in a brothel and no one’s allowed to have sex. Everywhere you go, there’s one temptation after another. I’m surprised there’s anyone left in this country who isn’t overweight. We need to make good food, real food, produce available, cheap, accessible to everyone. The economics of it are shifting. Big Pharma has made a bundle on obesity. The weight loss industry has made a bundle. Beverage and food have made a bundle. Now we’re seeing it. We’re picking up the tab, and we’re pushing back.

Meme Roth

RUSH: These people, they never change. It’s none of your damn business, MeMe Roth. It’s not costing you anything. She wants cheap, affordable fruits and produce, like cheap affordable health care. You want cheap, accessible to everyone. (interruption) I know, but apparently these fat people are being denied healthy foods. The whole thing’s bull, Snerdley. This is who these people are. Now, there was another person on this show, Plus magazine, this is large woman, editor-at-large Mia Amber Davis. Brown says, “So Mia, is there to you a sense of blame the victim of scapegoating people who are overweight when you see a study like this?”

DAVIS: Sizism is the last acceptable prejudice. If you see someone who’s overweight, automatically they’re the reason for America’s problems in the health care industry? That’s absolutely not true. I know plenty of people who are normal size, who are straight sizes as opposed to plus size who have health issues. I don’t know anyone in my circle of friends, in my family, in the millions of women that I reach out to being a plus size advocate that have health issues related to being overweight.

RUSH: Well, this didn’t sit well with MeMe.

ROTH: If you’re obese, you are unhealthy. Reuters recently reported that only 8% of us don’t smoke, drink moderately, eat the fruits and vegetables we’re supposed to eat, and exercise regularly. So really, fat or thin, only 8% of us are even trying in this country.

DAVIS: But overweight does not mean unhealthy. I’ve been off the charts since I was 12 years old, and I’m perfectly healthy.

ROTH: There’s a higher incidence of infertility, pregnancy complications —

DAVIS: I don’t have those issues.

ROTH: — low sperm count, and even a higher incidence of birth defects when it comes to obesity. So don’t argue with me. Argue with Darwin.

RUSH: Well, you can say arrogant or whatever, but this is who these people are. Her statistics are wrong. Only 8% of us don’t smoke? Eighty percent of us don’t smoke. Drink moderately, eat the fruits and vegetables we’re supposed to eat? Get that? We’re supposed to eat? So Mia Amber Davis, she starts getting back at her a little here.

Mia Amber on CNN

DAVIS: I think that that’s insulting, actually. I work out four times a week.

ROTH: Which you’re supposed to be working out every day.

DAVIS: I’m not here to argue with you. I’m here to say that stop blaming overweight people or obese people for America’s problems. It’s not our fault. If you are gay, you can play straight. If you are a certain religion, you can play another religion. You can’t hide the fact that you’re overweight, and nor do we want to. I’m proud of the way I look. I’m proud of my body. I’m proud of all my friends and the hard work that we do to maintain our curves. So stop blaming us for America’s health care issues, because I am not a part of that plan.

ROTH: The — the studies don’t back you up, and nine-times-out-of-ten obesity is the result of lifestyle choices.

RUSH: Did you catch what this Roth b-i-itch said at the beginning of the bite? You’re supposed to be working out every day? You’re supposed to be working out. You’re supposed to eat fruits and vegetables, you’re supposed to be. And MeMe Roth, who nobody has ever heard of, is now the sole authority on what you ought to be doing. I tried to warn people. This is the SUV all over again. It’s just who these people are.

BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Richland, Washington, Corey great to have you, EIB Network, hello. CALLER: Hey, Rush, I just want to make a quick comment on the smoking and the obesity thing.

RUSH: Yeah. CALLER: It’s kind of funny they put the taxes on the cigarettes and all that and drive people away from smoking, well, what happens when most people quit smoking? They start packing on the pounds so I kind of figured that that’s one of the leading causes to this gaining of weight over the last several years.

RUSH: You know there may be some legitimacy to this. It is a fact that people who stop smoking still need the oral stimulation, activity and so forth using their hands, using their mouths. And so they do tend to eat more. CALLER: Yeah, so I was kind of thinking that it just shifts from one cost to the smoking to now they’re saying it’s the obesity.

RUSH: Right and it’s none of their damn business! The one thing they’re wrong about is all the so-called costs that we’re going to save to reduce this activity these busybody little nannies don’t like. I detest these people. I detest them. They are standing in the way of our country’s rebound and economic growth. They are parasites.


RUSH: And, no, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not defending obesity. I’m defending freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty, cornerstones of the United States. It’s not your business to tell people you don’t know how to live. They’re not your responsibility.


3 Responses to “Me, Meme & Rush Limbaugh…”

  1. That woman (and I used the term venemously), needs to pull out her hair, instead of making an ass of herself. Is this the same “Playboy” wannabe, that claimed Jordin Sparks was obese? I may get titled, as having “no class” for this one. But, to the mentally-wrecked Roth I gotta say “Ho, sit down”!

  2. Normally I never agree with anything that come out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth but he summed up Meme Roth perfectly.

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