Miss Emmy!

The Emmy

As I write this I am sitting in a fitting room at the distinguished Lord & Taylor awaiting the arrival of a client and dear friend who has given me the honor of dressing her for the Daytime Emmy Awards (woo hoo she’s a nominee!)

I am seriously proud of her and honestly got a little weepy when she asked (I know, I know–I’m such a sap!)

I got here early as I like to do whenever possible–especially with new clients, so that I could get a feel for what this retailer has to offer as well as pull some pieces in her size that I’m hoping she’ll love and will look fantastic in.

She’s all about a black or navy blue color scheme but I’ve pulled a fuchsia dress that I think she’ll be a knockout in–hopefully she’ll play along and try it on…but I seriously doubt it!

I’ll try to get pics of her on the red carpet to post later on but please cross your fingers and toes for my buddy at the Daytime Emmy Awards, August 30th!


It was a long but fun filled day of searching high and low for the perfect look.  We found it in a Calvin Klein stunner and she looks beautiful in it!

P.S. She did NOT try on the fuchsia dress!


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