Heat, Fittings, Style and Staples!

It’s scorching hot out!!

I’m finally on the way home from my last gig of the day– a fitting for burgeoning design house BGU, made up of sister design duo Tasha Hill and Jeannie Ferguson.

Tasha and Jeannie have asked me to walk for them this weekend in the wrap up of Harlem fashion week. I was eager to see their latest creations (I’m a big fan) and I was not disappointed.   I’ll get you pics live from the runway as soon as I can.

In the meantime take a look at their latest offerings on the runway at Full Figured Fashion Week.

BGU on the Runway for Full Figured Fashion Week

They really understand the fuller figure and I appreciate them for that. With BGU’s blessing we moved my fitting back a couple of hours because at the last minute, a new opportunity presented itself to me and I had to jump at the challenge. Thanks Tasha and Jeannie for being in my entrepreneurial corner!

About an hour before I was heading to my fitting I got word that International plus model Charlotte Coyle is shooting in NY this weekend.  She was in need of a stylist for her shoot and the photographer (Luke Jones for Lucas Pictures) asked me!

International Plus Supermodel Charlotte Coyle

Her agency, (Wilhelmina) forwarded over the concepts for her looks, I made a quick detour and ran around NYC like a crazy lady until I found “classic, timeless” pieces that I hope my client and her agency will love! I’ll get some pics up as soon as I can.

In the mean time, take a look at some classic timeless pieces that every girl should have in her closet.  Classic and timeless pieces  never go out of style and just by adding accessories you can change their looks from day to evening!

A White Button Down Shirt:

A classic white button down goes with almost anything!

The LBD (Little Black Dress):

The wrap dress is universally flattering on every body type!

My go to LBD is a wrap dress because it’s so flattering!

One Great Pair of Jeans:

Lane Bryant's new revolutionary RIGHT FIT plus-size jeans

Black Pumps

Don't worry...Your heel doesn't have to be sky high!

It’s OK to spend a little more on the dress and the shoes because they never go out of style. However, I personally wouldn’t blow my budget on a white shirt because you can get a new one every year if washing/dry cleaning tend to yellow your garment.

I also don’t believe in spending a huge amount on jeans because the market is saturated with great ones. My personal favorites are from Ashley Stewart and run between $19 and $29!

Lastly, I feel that every woman should own at least one tube of lipstick in a color that makes you feel bold, daring and beautiful. What’s my go to color? Red!





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    Love you much!

    Jeannie & Tasha

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