More To Love…Really?

More to Love on FOX

OK, so I have to admit right off the muscle that I’ve never seen an episode of FOX’s “More To Love.”  It’s their newest reality show and answer to ABC’s, “The Bachelor.”

Scratch that– I’ve seen exactly five minutes of it.  The night the show premiered was the night I appeared on CNN with Campbell Brown and I got home in time to catch the last five minutes of the premiere (I’m so not about TIVO, DVR’s and nifty recording devices!)  What I witnessed primere night was enough to turn me off for good.

It seemed as if every single “Bachelorette” was down in the dumps, crying, tormented over the possibility that Luke, the man of their dreams (who they’d just met) and only hope at love in this lifetime (because no one ever got to know them because they’re overweight) was going to send them home the first night.

More to Love Bachelor, Luke

Granted, most reality shows based on romance have their fair share of tears after a while but COME ON! Although  beautiful, the MTL girls came across as whiny, pathetic and way down on the self-respect meter.  It seemed like being “fat” was the least of their issues.

Cast of FOX's More to Love

Some of these ladies need to learn how to be alone before vying to be someone’s mate.

Attention single ladies…Alone does not have to equal lonely!

The best thing about this show (from what I can tell) is seeing the world’s first Plus Supermodel Janice Dickinson Emme back on the small screen!

I wish she had a bigger role and that her self confidence and inner strength would rub off on the ladies of MTL.

The First Plus Supermodel, Emme

But alas, am I being too harsh? Is it wrong of me to want equal representation for plus sizes in the world of entertainment?

Should I not be incensed that the bachelorettes’ height and weight are showcased constantly on a show about their ability to love another human being?

Am I overreacting to the fact that pretty much every single show on television that has plus size cast mates or that caters to people of size is based on losing weight or mocking us?

Should I give the costume department of Oxygen’s Dance Your A$$ off a pass? (That’s a whole other topic all together.)

Please weigh in (no pun intended) and let me know what your thoughts are on this new plus friendly (?) programming.

If you’re interested, FOX’s More to Love airs Tuesday nights at 9 PM on FOX.



5 Responses to “More To Love…Really?”

  1. MAD,
    I am obsessed with this show only because it is a train wreck! I can’t help but watch it. I was so jazzed that they were having a show for plus sized women to find love. Every other show the bachelorettes are always a size 2. BUT I am insulted at these women who are crying over a man they just met and talking about how no one ever loved them, etc. Now as a bigger girl I have felt like these ladies myself on many an occasion. So I really don’t fault them for their feelings. However by the age of some of these women 22 and OVER I certainly had my share of dates and boyfriends. So what gives? Are we to think that all plus size gals can’t get dates? That no men out there find plus size women attractive? These ladies have major self esteem issues to which again, I can certainly relate but come on! Fox could have made this such a positive show but they went the route they always go…train wreck! I am surprised that Emme signed up for this.
    PS I love Dance Your Ass Off but yes some of those outfits are a bit much! 😉

  2. I was saying, and thinking, the EXACT thing! It seems that every five seconds, one of these women is boo-hooing about how being overweight, has caused them to “miss out”. I’m quite sure, that living in certain places, can make it difficult to find a partner. But, watching these women sob and moan, would make someone think, that being plush is a mental disease! All these women, are gorgeous. In my opinion, some of them, could even be plus models. They have to swap those tears, for some self-esteem. It’s not easy, but it’s SO worth it.

  3. Well… u r sssssooo on it with ur thoughts…my thing is ….R WE SURPRISED!?? Im not! It would be mind blowing if I woke up one morning and saw a reality show that was focused on Plus Size Women in a better light! (Fun, Intelligent, Stylish, w/ Morals)…Its so stereotypical to see fat girls on tv crying for the whole hour about not being able to find love because they are fat! boo hoo hoo! Im plus size and and have a list to
    choose from (lol)… its just pathetic! but hey i hope it dont get worse… (have u seen the casting for fat men and women over 250 lbs that love life and arent concerned about losing weight??? oh and they are only interested in Party Animals!!! ) Buckle up Folks!!!

  4. The problem that I have with the show at this point is the fact that the show is NOT about the women but about Luke, but FOX did such a horrible job of casting the women that we all have forgot about him and are concentrating on the ladies.

    I have been trying to watch the second episode for two weeks now and it is such a mess I think I may give up and let this show die on its own.

  5. KeighEffe Says:

    Firstly I am chuckling at your thoughts because I so agree! The resounding theme from all the ladies is that they want somebody to love them regardless of what they look like…..OK… you go on a show called More To Love… is that not funny! But yeah….it was like watching a train wreck ……all of these completely insecure women thinking “this is it” their one chance for romance…..i have seen the majority of the episodes thus far….and i concur that there are so many issues that these ladies need to address and at the bottom of the list would be thier weight! I hate the idea that this show perpetuates….being that if you are heavy you are either desperate, bitter, or some how incapable of being in a relationship that is not affected by what size clothes you wear…..I mean am I out of touch or what? Are there some full size ladies out there in successful relationships that are not based on weight? Help me out people! …..and i have stepped down from my soap box lol! but yeah as entertainment it is cool…but word to the ladies of MTL…. man up! stop all that crying….you are on national TV and there are men waiting for you to get kicked off that show so they can get to know you….you have gotten all the exposure you need to be found….make sure you are a complete person though….and lastly..I didn’t see one ugly girl on that show…so get over it…your Hot and now the whole world knows it! Yeah like the MTL ladies will ever read this…..but alas….i digress…..ok so that was my two…..well more like twenty-two cents lol! 🙂

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