“Fat B****!” … Absolutely!

Funny Lady (and friend) Erica Watson is bringing her hilarious one woman show, “Fat Bi*ch!” to New York and Chicago this October.

I had the pleasure of seeing this show in it’s blocking stage this past spring and please believe me when I say that I laughed until I cried!  The theater was so packed when I got there that I sat on the steps.  At one point I laughed so hard that I had to literally lay down to get myself back together!

With “FB” Erica tells the story of large black women in America, her own personal struggle with body image, life and love but don’t get it twisted, this is no sob story!

Funny Lady, Erica Watson

If for some crazy reason you can’t make it out to see Erica’s one woman show, you can catch her this fall in the eagerly anticipated Lee Daniel’s film, “Precious” starring opposite Mo’nique, Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Sheppard and Paula Patton.

Erica Watson. Keep her name on your radar. She’s a “Fat Bi*ch” and you’ll love her for it!

2 Responses to ““Fat B****!” … Absolutely!”

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  2. I totally agree! Erica’s FB was hilarious! It was so good, that I can not wait to see it again in Oct.

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