Mia Amber on CNN with Campbell Brown

As promised, here is video of my apearance on CNN’s Campbell Brown.

Thank you for all of your calls, text messages, tweets and emails of support. I truly appreciate you!

We’re fighting an uphill battle but I honestly believe Size Acceptance can be won.


5 Responses to “Mia Amber on CNN with Campbell Brown”

  1. I would really LOVE to slap her around a little!


  2. Jade Bishop Says:

    Just saw your interview again, and now I love Campbell
    Brown. Always wanted to ask her if her mom loves soup! (–)
    You were wonderfully prepared!!!!!Home run –out of the park!

  3. Congrats Mia. You displayed intelligence, poise, and made your point known. Mimi Roth, is exactly what her name sounds like. An annoyance.

  4. Terry, Jr. Says:

    I didn’t see the WHOLE interview, but I can tell that MeMe is a complete IDIOT!!! I admire your bravery for facing her AND her views on what people should look like!! People like MeMe need to wake up and realize that being thin does NOT give you a free pass from heart attack, diabetes, strokes, etc. I’m STILL infuriating about her comments made awhile back about Jordin Sparks of Idol Fame.


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