I love commercials sometimes more than the actual television shows I’m watching.  That being said… 

Is it me or is the Old Navy Supermodelquins campaign one of the dumbest ads on TV? 

Old Navy Supermodelquins

How the heck are people supposed to know how clothing will fit their fabulously curvy bodies if all they have to go on is how it looks on a mannequin?

And the story lines? Booooo!

Old Navy Supermodeliquins

First they removed plus sizes from their stores, then they removed actual people from their commercials!

Get it together Old Navy!



One Response to “Sidebar…”

  1. Mia,

    I thought I was the only one that was actually letting those dumb commercials annoy the crap out of me!!! Personaly, I can see it being a way to save themselves from the cost of models and the whole process that comes with it. The whole thing turns me off, those mannequins are corny to say the least – I’m over it! As far as Old Navy cutting the plus sizes from their stores goes – that really surprises me – I’ve been an Old Navy fan since they opened and the last time I shopped at one (last month) they had all of the plus sizes there I think?? Their jeans never fit my curves anyway, but I’m disappointed! It’s just money in someone else’s pocket anyway cause there are way too many of us “plus size” ladies out there to be waiting around for O.N. to step up their game!

    On another note, I’m an up and coming plus size model and a fan! I hope to be not only a working model but an influence in the fashion industry and plus community – much like yourself! You’re an inspiration to a soon to be 27 yr. old plus size, intelligent woman like myself and I wish you much continued success!!

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