Mia Amber’s New Campaign for Monif C. Plus Sizes

So, after my wild weekend of runway, birthday dinners, and style outs, last Monday morning I headed across the water to NJ en route to my own photo shoot for one of my favorite designers (and people) Monif C.

I’d been looking forward to this shoot for a long time as I was told in advance that we would be doing a shoot for the new fall line of convertible dresses, however, the inspiration was to come from the new House of Dereon ads starring (my BFF in my head) Beyonce.



New Dereon Ad Campaign



Plus Model Mia Amber for Monif C. Plus Sizes

The shoot was styled by the wondrously talented Brandon “Blue” Coates, Celebrity MUA Tara Taylor and Photographer Krista Svalbonas ( a dream team) and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Shout out to Aspiring Plus Model Jazmine for assisting Monif and Brandon on set, and Krista’s assistant Nate, too!

Each look was inspired by a different type of woman who might wear the new convertible dresses in their bright new stunning fall colors.

There was the Bad girl (who I loved) the Red Carpet Diva, the Office Girl, and a few others.  See if you can guess who’s who!

It was truly a great experience! Thanks again, Monif!



7 Responses to “Mia Amber’s New Campaign for Monif C. Plus Sizes”

  1. OMG!!! This campaign is so hott!!! Mia you look AMAZING!!!!! I am going back to bootcamp right away so that I can look hot in one of Monif’s dresses!!! I love this!!! much love to you and monif!!!

  2. I LOVE IT! 😀

  3. You look fantastic, I better get back to bootcamp too.

  4. These are the most beautiful models that I have ever seen!

  5. keigheffe Says:

    ok how cliche is this but …that was fierce! seriously….no I am not a fashion critic bu i have seen plus size shoots….and never one as fierce as this! So I am sold on these looks….all’a’dem! jus-Gaw-jus!

  6. WOW! This looks so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

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