Am I the only one who wishes there was like a movie/nighttime soap opera starring the two legendary divas, Diahann Carroll and Lynn Whitfield as sisters who hate each other and are CEO’s of feuding corporations worth billions of dollars yet Diahann’s son is marrying Lynn’s daughter so planning the wedding is a total nightmare especially when Lynn is a cougar with a 20-something- boyfriend who insists that her grown children call him “daddy” and Diahann’s life mission is to see Lynn broke, penniless and back on the streets of South Carolina where they were raised yet so help anyone in this world who tries to mess with either of the sisters because secretly they have each others backs?

Diahann Carroll

Lynn Whitfield

Don’t judge me.



3 Responses to “Sidebar”

  1. I love Lynn Whitfield. She’s a super diva. lol

  2. It’s been a long time, since Lynn Whitfield made a film. I think the plot, you’ve made up, is interesting! Perhaps you should pitch, to BET?

  3. Samuel A. Jennings Says:

    Brilliant idea! I love both of these ladies, Diahann from “Carmen Jones” (1954) and Lynn as Josephine Baker. Unfortunately Hollywood is obsessed with thin young no-talent white girls, so there are few starring roles for black women over 40. Remember most movies are produced for adolescent white boys. By the way, where is Oscar-winning 44 year old Halle Berry? Hello!

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