Model Children

Dear Mia,

I get stopped all the time by people telling me how beautiful my little girl is and telling me I ought to get her into modeling.  Do you know any agencies that handle child models?


Suzanne J.

Philadelphia, PA



I regularly get tons of emails from proud moms asking me how to get their gorgeous, talented, super smart, hilarious and stunningly beautiful children into modeling.

What a cutie!

The truth is, getting children into modeling takes a lot of hard work and dedication…on the part of the parents and the children.  If your child is old enough to have an opinion (over the age of three) ask them if it’s something they want to do. If they say ‘no’ then listen to them.

I am not well versed enough in the children’s modeling industry to recommend children’s modeling agencies so I don’t do it.  However, here’s some friendly advice:

1. NEVER pay anyone to represent your child as a model. Agency representation is free.  I have never heard of a legitimate agent who charged for representation.  If your child books a job, the agency generally charges a 20% commission to you and to the client. That’s how agents get paid–not from any other way.  Please stay away from scammers in the mall who tell you they can make your baby a star!


2. You do not need professional photographs to get your child an agent.  A simple Polaroid or snapshot of your child goes a long way. Spending a great deal of money on a photo shoot for a child model before they are booking work is pointless.  Plus, kids change and grow so quickly, photos quickly become outdated.  Please don’t dress your kids up like they’re in an episode of ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ for their Polaroids. Let them look like kids.

3. Don’t put pressure on your kids to perform. “Stage Moms” can lose jobs for their children or cost them representation.  Your child could be the next big thing but if no one wants to deal with their over the top mom then it could be over before it starts.  Also, in the entertainment industry you will hear ‘no’ more than you will hear ‘yes.’  Before you start your journey to get your child a career as a child model figure out a way to prepare yourself and your child for rejection. Conversely, teach them how to have humility if they achieve success.

Great Faces!

Break a leg!



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