International Mia Amber: The Fuller Woman Expo, Toronto


This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of appearing at The Fuller Woman Expo in Toronto.  Here’s some info about the expo:

The goal of the Fuller Woman Expo is to empower the plus-size woman to recognize her internal and external beauty; to educate and motivate through workshops and seminars,while providing information on the products and/or services available to them through various companies across the world.  
Join us as we celebrate who you are, right now!
Event organizers Georgia Greenwood and Akelia Ellington rolled pulled all the stops to make me feel welcome.
Upon checking into the Beautiful Delta Chelsea Hotel my jaw dropped at the sheer enormity of my suite. Thanks ladies for such lovely accomodations!
Delta Chelsea Toronto
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy it very long as I had a few meetings set up with agencies in the Toronto market and I had just enough time to freshen up and throw on some make up before heading out to my first meeting.
By the way, the people of Toronto are incredibly sweet.  I felt very much at home there and due to the success of my meetings (woo hoo) I hope to be going back!
The next morning I headed straight into hair and make up and then it was time for the fashion show.
I walked for the TFWE corporate sponsor, Lane Bryant Outlet, Candi Apple Couture,
Mia Amber in Candi Apple Couture
 Monif C.,
Mia Amber in Monif C.
 and new designer Pheline
Mia Amber in Pheline 
 I’m going to blog more about Pheline and Candi Apple Couture later on to give you more info on the Toronto based designers.
After the show I dashed back to my suite to make a quick change and prepare for my seminar.
A special shout out to BGU for dressing me for the event
Mia Amber in BGU with TFWE model Juliet
I was pleased to see that the ballroom was filled mostly with aspiring models and quickly tweaked my seminar to open it up to any questions the ladies may have had in an effort to further their modeling careers.
We laughed, cried and educated each other.  All in all it was a very moving afternoon.
Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the after party because Designer Monif C.,
Monif C.
 Stylist and Monif ‘s assistant Brandon “Blue” Coates
Brandon "Blue" Coates
and I went to dinner in Yorkville (the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival) and got so lost on the way back (no matter what Monif says, it was NOT my fault!) that by the time we made it to the hotel it was well after midnight and I had an early flight the next morning.
Thank you ladies for an incredible weekend! See you next weekend for The Fuller Woman Expo in Detroit!





5 Responses to “International Mia Amber: The Fuller Woman Expo, Toronto”

  1. That BGU, grey and white outfit is really sharp!

  2. Mia, it was a pleasure seeing you @ TFWE – Toronto. I’m happy to hear you had an enjoyable & successful time in the city. Wishing you continuded success!

    P.S. You look great in the Candi Apple, Monif C , Pheline & BGU!

  3. Great job! You worked the stage like you always do.

  4. Jade Bishop Says:

    Mia, you rock!

  5. Mia, you looked amazing in my design at Fuller Woman Expo..can’t wait to be interviewed by you..and remeber the original Tropical Thunder Maxi by Candi Apple Couture is yours as a thank you.. Take care.


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