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Super Birthday for a Supermodel

Posted in Curvy News on October 22, 2009 by miaamber

I want to wish the happiest of birthdays to Plus Supermodel Liris Crosse!

Unfortunately, due to an early call for work the next morning, I was unable to attend her huge birthday bash a few nights ago at M2.

After spending the past couple of weeks working with Liris I can assure you, she’s one of the hardest working women in the biz.

Liris Crosse

Keep your eyes peeled for big things coming soon from this industry veteran.




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You guys know I’m all about the curvy girl doing her thing so I’m not really sure how to say this but I need to. 

I love Mo’Nique and I’m proud of her accomplishments including her new eponymous talk show on BET.

Monique, Weeknight's at 11 on BET

That’s actually why I’m writing.

Did I already say that I love Mo’Nique? I do. 

Can’t wait to see her dramatic turn in Precious next month…hope she gets nominated for an Oscar… the best is yet to come.

All that being said… Does anyone else wish she would STOP YELLING on her show?!?!

Lookin good Mo'

Looking good, though.



The Toolbox

Posted in Entertainment, Hollywood, Pop Culture on October 21, 2009 by miaamber

We all know and love  Dwight Eubanks as the “unofficial sixth” housewife on Bravo’s runaway hit show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Dwight Eubanks

Dwight often steals the show away from his over the top co-stars with something so simple as a look or a well placed, “how dreadful.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta

As fans of RHOA know, Dwight is the resident go-to guy for fashion advice and fashion show coordination but what most people don’t know is that Eubanks is also a fashion designer.

A few weeks ago during NY Fashion Week, I was invited by my pal, The Original Runway Diva, Sharon Quinn to attend the showing of Dwight Eubanks’ collection.  I jumped at the chance because if Dwight was true to form, this show was bound to be off the hook.

Dwight Eubanks Toolbox Invite

I was not disappointed… At. All.

The Toolbox was a collection of roughly 60 pieces not designed for the faint of heart. Models of all ethnic backgrounds were heavily represented as they strutted their stuff on the banquet runways. Eubanks truly knows how to put on a show and often there was so much going on that I didn’t know where to look!

The first half of the standing room only show was made up of primarily, um, undergarments.

Dwight Eubanks Toolbox

And as the show progressed The Toolbox seemed to open up into night wear.

Dwight Eubanks Toolbox

And then, there was a feather collection…

The Toolbox by Dwight Eubanks

All in all it was quite fascinating and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to witness it first hand. I only have one major critique… Why wasn’t there at least one curvy girl on the runway? I sincerely believe that had a fuller figured model taken to the runway that night the building may have fallen apart from the cheers and positive energy.

I have the perfect model in mind too… When the show was over we ran into Plus Model Tricia Campbell. You may remember Tricia as one of the bathing suited beauties at this years taping of BET’s Rip the Runway.  

Plus Model Tricia Campbell

With her runway attitude and those mile long legs…She would have killed the Toolbox!

 Tricia Campbell, Mia Amber, Sharon Quinn at The Toolbox

Mia Amber at The Toolbox

Special shout out to Melky Jean (Wyclef’s sister and also an established artist) who was hosting the after party. 

Melky Jean

I hadn’t seen her in years but she was just sweet and beautiful as always and she extended a personal invitation for us to be her personal guests at the afterparty.  But, as you guys know, I can’t hang so it was off to bed for me!

The Toolbox was enough excitement for one night.

BTW, there were cameras in attendance filming the entire show but I couldn’t tell if they were for RHOA or for the rumored new show Dwight has on his own.  Time will tell.



Glamazon Style

Posted in Curvy News, Mia Amber Style, Mia in Motion on October 19, 2009 by miaamber

This week I had the absolute pleasure of styling some of my favorite folks, The Glamazons for the cover of their debut album!

The Glamazons are a burlesque-pop quartet of curvy-licious ladies who were most recently seen as finalists on America’s Got Talent.

Here’s a sneak peek of the ladies behind the scenes in Glamazonian pink and black to hold you over until I post the finished pics from the shoot.

Sarah, Laura, Stephen their PR man,Meryl and Sandy...The Glamazons

Sarah, Laura, Stephen their PR man,Meryl and Sandy...The Glamazons

I’ll be posting more Glamazon info with the new pics.  In the meantime if you want more info on the Glamazons, just click here!

As sweet and hilarious as they are beautiful!

The Glamazon’s Rule!



Curvy Freedom

Posted in Beauty, Curvy News, Entertainment, Mia in Motion on October 19, 2009 by miaamber

Plus Model Jennifer Barreto-Leyva has created a video featuring some of the most recognizable faces in the plus modeling industry set to the music of George Michael’s “Freedom.”

Barreto-Leyva says of the video:

“This is a little tribute to all plus size models that made history and are rocking the World!

I am honored to be included in this tribute and to stand beside my curvy sisters!

 Thank you, Jennifer.

Ladies, keep rocking!



Tyra Banks & Mia Amber Get Real

Posted in Beauty on October 19, 2009 by miaamber

Recently my close personal friend (in my head) Tyra Banks declared on her eponymous talk show that she was taking off her wigs and ditching her weaves for the current season in order to show women that artificial hair was an accessory and not a necessity for true beauty.

Tyra Banks Real Hair

Tyra’s decision effected me in ways I could never imagine. About a week after “National Real Hair Day” I was out and about sporting my 24 inch premium extensions when I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was in costume.  After work that day I went home and took out my weave.

Mia Amber au Natural

Photo by Anthony Armstrong.

I love my “new” hair and the reaction I’ve been getting from it is overwhelmingly positive. Please understand that I wasn’t trying to be anyone other than myself by wearing my weaves. I wear them to protect my natural hair from the wear and tear of the industry and at some point I will probably need to go back to them to give my natural hair a rest.  I haven’t had a relaxer in many years and I am happily re-learning how to deal with the curl pattern of my hair.

kinky curly

I’ve found great joy in the line of products by a company called Kinky Curly.  I had never heard of them and did a simple you tube search. Little did I know, I was Tardy for The Party as I was shocked to find so many conversations and videos about Kinky Curly! 

Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner

kinky curly knot today

and Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

 are amazing! They leave my hair soft, smelling great (you have no idea how many compliments I’m getting on how good my hair smells–it’s kind of weird) manageable and defined.  The products are so natural that they’re sold at Whole Foods!

I hadn’t discovered the joy of Kinky Curly when the above pic was taken, however I did rock my Kinky Curly hair this past weekend as I walked the runway for designers BGU at the WBLS NY Circle of Sisters Expo.

Mia Amber Circle of Sisters

Creator of this wonder product, Shelley Davis (no relation) also uses it!


If you have natural hair and you’ve found products that you love, let me know– I’d love to hear from you!




Guess who I had the absolute pleasure of meeting at this years Love Your Body Day? Shelley Davis and her beautiful daughter! I told her how much I loved her products and she said she was a fan of my blog! Woo Hoo!!

Mia Amber with Shelley Davis and her beautiful daughter

On Set Fun

Posted in Hollywood, Mia in Motion on October 19, 2009 by miaamber

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should because I’ve been busy working over the past couple of weeks (the hours were bananas.) 

Because of a pesky confidentiality agreement, I can’t talk about the project but here are a couple of pics taken during downtime!

Mia Amber and Jody Montinola

Mia Amber on set with the boys

Thanks for the pics Jody! It was wonderful working with everyone.