Bootcamp…Yes We Can!

Some of you may be familiar with my 100 lb. weight loss almost five years ago but since that time, I have regained roughly 45 lbs!  Those pesky LB’s have a way of sneaking back up on you when you’re not paying attention or doing anything to stave them off!

This past February, I received an email from comedienne Erica Watson inviting me to be her workout partner at Bootcamp.  I jumped at the opportunity since I was looking for a way to get in gear and I hate the monotony of gyms!  My initial weight loss was done without exercise, I just followed the guidelines of The South Beach Diet.


Following South Beach was pretty simple and quite effective but not exercising along with it was a mistake because it left me flabby and I felt my physical strength was nil!  Also, I sometimes felt like I was depriving myself.

Once I started bootcamp with mega trainer Aja Davis  (no relation), I was hooked! Each workout is different than the last and the nutritional counseling Aja provides is priceless.  She has a 90/10 philosophy that I love, “do what you have to do 90% of the time and you can do what you want to do 10% of the time.”

I haven’t looked back since February and I even wrote about it in the March issue of Plus Model Magazine

Plus Model Magazine March 09

 Click here to read my article And here to read my interview with Aja

Flash forward to today and I am back down over 30 lbs. and I have lost an incredible number of inches.  More importantly, I have a different, healthier relationship with food.  I’m physically stronger and mentally tougher!

Mia Amber before and after Aja Davis' Bootcamp

Starting next week Aja is launching a revolutionary new bootcamp called


Aja Davis

Aja is offering a 110% money back guarantee AND if you go through the entire program and make it through to graduation then gain back any weight you’ve lost, Aja will train you for FREE until you’re back down to your graduation weight! Incredible but true!

Check out the website and if you’re interested, be sure to tell Aja you’re a friend of Mia Amber to get a special deal!

As a plus size woman I am dedicated to keeping my curves healthy and staying fit not getting thin. 

I don’t want to hear your excuses about scheduling conflicts, bad joints or anything else.

If I can do this so can you. Do it for yourself.

Just try.

See you at Bootcamp!



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