The Toolbox

We all know and love  Dwight Eubanks as the “unofficial sixth” housewife on Bravo’s runaway hit show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Dwight Eubanks

Dwight often steals the show away from his over the top co-stars with something so simple as a look or a well placed, “how dreadful.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta

As fans of RHOA know, Dwight is the resident go-to guy for fashion advice and fashion show coordination but what most people don’t know is that Eubanks is also a fashion designer.

A few weeks ago during NY Fashion Week, I was invited by my pal, The Original Runway Diva, Sharon Quinn to attend the showing of Dwight Eubanks’ collection.  I jumped at the chance because if Dwight was true to form, this show was bound to be off the hook.

Dwight Eubanks Toolbox Invite

I was not disappointed… At. All.

The Toolbox was a collection of roughly 60 pieces not designed for the faint of heart. Models of all ethnic backgrounds were heavily represented as they strutted their stuff on the banquet runways. Eubanks truly knows how to put on a show and often there was so much going on that I didn’t know where to look!

The first half of the standing room only show was made up of primarily, um, undergarments.

Dwight Eubanks Toolbox

And as the show progressed The Toolbox seemed to open up into night wear.

Dwight Eubanks Toolbox

And then, there was a feather collection…

The Toolbox by Dwight Eubanks

All in all it was quite fascinating and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to witness it first hand. I only have one major critique… Why wasn’t there at least one curvy girl on the runway? I sincerely believe that had a fuller figured model taken to the runway that night the building may have fallen apart from the cheers and positive energy.

I have the perfect model in mind too… When the show was over we ran into Plus Model Tricia Campbell. You may remember Tricia as one of the bathing suited beauties at this years taping of BET’s Rip the Runway.  

Plus Model Tricia Campbell

With her runway attitude and those mile long legs…She would have killed the Toolbox!

 Tricia Campbell, Mia Amber, Sharon Quinn at The Toolbox

Mia Amber at The Toolbox

Special shout out to Melky Jean (Wyclef’s sister and also an established artist) who was hosting the after party. 

Melky Jean

I hadn’t seen her in years but she was just sweet and beautiful as always and she extended a personal invitation for us to be her personal guests at the afterparty.  But, as you guys know, I can’t hang so it was off to bed for me!

The Toolbox was enough excitement for one night.

BTW, there were cameras in attendance filming the entire show but I couldn’t tell if they were for RHOA or for the rumored new show Dwight has on his own.  Time will tell.



One Response to “The Toolbox”

  1. June Gullo Says:

    Hey Mia! you look absolutely stunning! Glad you are doing well. June

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