Mia Amber Asks…Jess Weiner

You may know Jessica Weiner as a frequent contributor on your favorite morning show or cable news network who can speak on any and every subject ranging from body issues to current Hollywood happenings…

Jessica Weiner

or you may be a fan of her work as an Author…

Do I Look Fat In ThisJessica Weiner BooksJessica Weiner Books

 I became a fan of Jessica through her work as  The Global Ambassador for The Dove Self-Esteem Fund.  Jessica Weiner with beauties from the Dove Campaign

I believe we even taped an episode of Tyra together as we discussed body issues on the infamous, “Kiss My Fat A**” episode.  I caught up with Jess again at this year’s Love Your Body Day held in West Hollywood, California.

With the many proverbial hats she wears and as someone I’m constantly learning from I knew she’d be a a perfect candidate for Mia Amber Asks! 

If you’re not familiar with Mia Amber Asks, basically, I ask the same three questions to iconic figures in the fashion, music and entertainment industries in the hopes that their answers will help those starting out or struggling in their chosen industry.

Here we go…

MA:  What was the worst career advice you’ve ever received? 
JW:  That passion wasn’t as important as paying the bills. And while I am sure my credit card companies would disagree – I feel like it is far more important to live a life of passionate pursuit of your career than to toil away in a dead end job that leaves you soulless. So many of us get caught in the trap of doing what our parents did or doing what we watched our friends do as careers. It takes guts to step out on your own or take a risk in your profession. But those people we look up to – they didn’t play it safe and they didn’t always worry about paying the bills. I think you can make money and do what you love. That isn’t a fairytale – you can really make that happen.  (Note to readers: I am NOT telling you to skip paying your bills, though!)  🙂

MA:What was the best career advice you’ve ever received? 
The best advice I ever got was that your ‘job’ isn’t just about how hard you work but also how hard you play. That if you are fortunate to be in a career you love then your job is also integrating that career into your every day life so you have balance and perspective. We can work 24/7 and think we are getting somewhere because we are always stressed out and ‘busy’. But busy isn’t better than being balanced.  So, rather than seeking fame and fortune, I decided I needed to make a difference. If along the way you are blessed with stature, influence or power, great – then use it wisely. But make sure no matter what you are living a life you are proud of – because in the end no one sits around at your funeral and talks about what a hard worker you were. They talk about what you contributed to their lives.

MA: Good, bad or ugly…what career advice do you have to offer a newbie in your field? 
YOU WILL SCREW UP. IT WON’T GO YOUR WAY ALL THE TIME. AND PEOPLE WILL NOT ALWAYS LIKE YOU.  I feel like if you can really swallow those three sentences then you will fortify yourself against any laziness, self-sabotage, or people pleasing that ultimately holds you back from creating the career you love (and pays the bills). You won’t do it perfectly and please don’t be afraid of failing. I had to fail a lot to get where I am and, honestly, I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t embraced the windows of opportunity that happened after I really screwed something up. You may be in a race to establish your career and finally ‘get there’ (wherever ‘there’ is for you) but try to enjoy the journey because it changes so fast. The way you gain expertise and credibility is by earning it. There are no shortcuts. So for me, it’s been about speaking to rooms of 4 people. Doing my programs for free when I was starting out, and getting up at 4 am to do local po-dunk news shows that no one watches. But it gave me an opportunity to fine tune my skills, hone my message, and make sure I wanted it more than anyone else. And I do.

It was fantastic meeting you, Jess.  Thanks for your honesty and your time!

Mia Amber with Jess Weiner

You can visit Jessica or keep up with her busy calender at her website www.JessWeiner.com


One Response to “Mia Amber Asks…Jess Weiner”

  1. Well Ms. Mia Amber,

    If you decide to let go of plus modeling you can always take up journalism. Great writing skills!


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