The Gift of Friendship

I literally just came back from California where I attended the annual Love Your Body Day festivities.  While in L.A. I found something I wasn’t expecting…a new friend.

Kendra C. Johnson

Actor and Model Kendra C. Johnson is making her way in Hollywood with roles on hits like, “The Game”

The Game

Starring as “Renee” opposite Hosea Chanchez’ “Malik”

Kendra C. Johnson and Hosea Chanchez

and starring alongside powerhouses like Mo’Nique in, “Phat Girlz”

Phat Girlz

With all of her success it would be very easy for things to go to her head but the Kendra I met was extremely down to earth, hilarious and inspiring.

Although we’ve worked together in the past, we had never officially met prior to Love Your Body Day where we clicked instantly!

Mia Amber and Kendra C. Johnson

Kendra, you showed me that you are the epitome of class through your generosity and willingness to see someone else succeed.  I am humbled by your acts of kindness towards me.  Thank you, you’re one of a kind, and you’re a Rockstar!

Kendra C. Johnson

Rock on sister!



2 Responses to “The Gift of Friendship”

  1. Mia –

    Everything you wrote about Kendra was “spot on”. Both Tara and myself enjoyed meeting her and getting to know someone who was so down to earth and inspiring.

    Thank you for writing about her. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her very soon!


  2. Mimi/Maddy Poo!

    You ladies are the B-E-S-T (Tara too!)! Our newfound sisterhood is JUST the blessing I needed, but absolutely was NOT expecting! Thank you for your positive energy and encouragement… PRICELESS!

    Hold on DIVAS… We’re gonna take this itty bitty world by STORM!!! ;o)



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