Model Networking Sites

Facebook and MySpace are all the rage when it comes to catching up with old classmates, promoting parties and the like but if you’re interested in modeling do you know that there are similar networking sites that could help you promote your career?

The first site I ever had an online portfolio on was MuseCube


Here’s a link to my old Muse Cube Profile:

Muse cube was a free site that allowed you to make separate portfolios and name them whatever you’d like.  I believe Muse cube is still free but like most networking sites you can pay a fee (small to large) and upgrade for more memory.

Mia Amber for Ashley Stewart as Seen on Muse Cube

The next site that I uploaded my portfolio on to was Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem is great because it allows you to upload up to 20 photos for free.  Also, it’s browsing page has several different categories for practically every job in the modeling industry from Hair stylist to Photographer. I also have a portfolio on Model Mayhem for my Style Consulting.

Check me out on Model Mayhem as a Model:

Mia Amber as Seen on Model Mayhem

And as a Style Consultant:

Mia Amber Style as Seen on Model Mayhem

The newest modeling network is Plus Size Industry Professionals or  PSIP


PSIP (Formerly the Plus Model Dirsctory) is specifically for those in the Plus industry and picks up where all other sites fall off. In the interest of full disclosure, it is affiliated with Plus Model Magazine of which I am Creative-Editor-at- Large. 

The Editors of Plus Model Magazine often use the PSIP to scout for models for the magazine as well as suggesting models for clients looking for new faces.

There is something for everyone on the PSIP  no matter what your level of experience and there are even job postings to help you gain experience.

(I can’t show you my portfolio because you have to be a member to see it)

Mia Amber for Monif C as seen on PSIP

The bottom line is this: If you’re a model without representation these sites may be able to help you to be seen and market yourself. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Please don’t post any inappropriate photos of yourself on the internet.  If you want to be a model who “sells” clothes then you should definitely be wearing them in your photos!) 

If you’re an aspiring model take a look at the pages of working models to get a feel for what types of photos are expected of you. I don’t mean for you to take the same photos, rather, be inspired by the ones you see.

These are just three sites that I have had personal experience with.  If you know of any others please post their web addresses so that we can all learn.

Stop waiting “to be discovered” or signed.  Be proactive in your own career destiny. 

I hope this helps you get started or continue your journey.



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  1. Thanks for these wonderful tips! So helpful! You are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Love this blog, btw!

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