Mia Amber on Barbie

Recently, I appeared on FOX 5’s, Good Day Street Talk to talk about body image.  We are all different yet society is constantly trying to make us “fit!”

Madison Plus had some very kind things to say about me in this article and you can also watch the FOX footage here:  Mia Amber on Barbie’s “Cankles” and the Modeling Industry 

Thanks for the support, Ladies!



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One Response to “Mia Amber on Barbie”

  1. Congrats on appearing on the fox show! 🙂 I agree with your points of view on how society likes to “put women in a box”. We are not robots; we are all different (physically, background, language, etc.). Moreover, I appreciate your realistic views on women’s body image and how they respond to the media and their families.

    By the way, Christian Louboutins saying Barbie has “cankles”…he has lost all his “marbles”. I hope he is not serious about that statement, but I am quite sure he is serious. 😦

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