Mia Amber Visits Kindred

Last weekend, I had the honor of attending the premiere of the Kindred Series in NYC. 

The event was hosted by good friend, The Original Runway Diva Miss Sharon Quinn

Other friends in attendance were Marco Mays, Jeannie Ferguson, Madeline Jones and Tara Taylor.

You know I can't help myself 🙂

If you haven’t heard about the Kindred series, it is a webisode started by three young women in the industry as a way to get themselves seen and heard by the Hollywood powers that be.  As legend tells it, they couldn’t get the industry to pay attention to them so they decided to do their own thing.  LOVE that!

Here’s the rundown from their facebook page:

Providing a no-holds-barred look at issues that all women face, Kindred reveals how three everyday women tackle love, life, and work, while dealing with daunting, life-changing issues such as sexual harassment, infidelity, drug abuse, deadly diseases, racism, and homosexuality.

Enter the world of Karmella Scott, Collette Robbins and Angelina Chambers, three twenty-something African-American women who are first cousins, as they navigate family, work and love against the gritty skyline of New York City.

I wish the ladies much success and I will be watching.



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