On the subway this morning, I was jamming to my iPod unaware of the stares I was getting until I opened my eyes halfway through my trip.  Janet made me do it!   So, I thought I’d share with you the two times in my life where I wanted to be Janet.  No, like REALLY wanted to BE Miss Jackson–every other time, I just wanted to be her sister-in-law (R.I.P Michael…)

To me Pleasure Principle is her greatest video ever! No one could tear me away from three inches in front of the TV when this video was on. I used to know all the moves –you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t Janet!

The other Janet Jackson video that changed my life?

Black Cat.  I had never seen an African-American woman rock out before and I was entranced. Since then, I have come to appreciate Tina Turner and the like but Janet in Black Cat just did something to me while opening my eyes to diversity within musical genres…

JDJ is a baaaad chick!  Check out her new CD, Janet Number Ones and re-live the music.

BTW, for the second half of my subway ride I just closed my eyes and kept jamming while letting the music be my friend.



One Response to “JDJ”

  1. Pleasure Principle is also my favorite vid and you couldn’t tell me I couldn’t dance like Janet.

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