Heidi Montag is Cha$ing Beauty

Most people know Heidi Montag as one half of the world’s favorite famous for no reason couple “Speidi” alongside her co-star husband, Spencer Pratt.

“Speidi” knows how to work the red carpet and manipulate the media so well that they even wrote a book about it:

Like many others, I had written the pair off as a joke and tended to zone out when I heard their names.  However, for the past couple of weeks Heidi has been the topic of conversation due to her recent revelation that in one day she had 10 cosmetic surgery procedures to gain “inner and outer beauty.”

Again I had written this off as yet another publicity stunt until I saw this:

I am shocked that someone would go so far to be “beautiful.”  Heidi said she was tired of being mocked by bloggers for having a “Leno” chin so she had it shaved down.  She said she could never “wear her hair up on the red carpet” so she had her ears pinned back.  She wanted bigger boobs and now has a “DDD” or an “F” cup.  She “wanted to be an H for Heidi cup but the Dr. said no.”  She had the bones in her back carved down and fat injections put in to her hips so she would be “curvier.”

She made these changes so the blogosphere would think her beautiful?  She almost died during recovery so that celebrity reporters would say how pretty she was?  Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Perhaps a trip to a therapist, a change in her diet or staying away from the limelight would have done more good than a total cosmetic do over.  The crazy thing is Heidi says she’s not finished yet.

If it makes her feel better, who am I to judge?



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  1. whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!

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