Mia Amber’s Latest Campaign for Monif C.

Take a look at a few of the just released pics from my  spring 2010 Monif C. convertible dress campaign

If you’re not familiar with the Monif C. convertible dress where have you been? it’s amazing! I am wearing the same dress in every photo it’s just in different colors!  There is also a short length or a long version.  You can wrap the dress to fit your mood and you can even make sleeves!  One dress provides a wardrobe of opportunity.

Monif C. has also debuted her new 2010 swimwear and it is sizzzzling!

Plus model pal Fluvia Lacerda is stunning!

I love working with Monif and want to thank her and the team for another fabulous shoot:

Stylist Brandon “Blue” Coates, Make Up Artist Tara Taylor , jewelry by Rachel Fennima, Photog extraordinaire Krista Svalbonas and a special shout out to Monif’s sister Krissy and Ericka for assisting! (Fluvia’s hair and make up were done by Daryon Haylock who is the master behind my hair and make up on the banner for this blog!)

Visit Monif C. to see lots more of both collections!



7 Responses to “Mia Amber’s Latest Campaign for Monif C.”

  1. Jade Bishop Says:

    LOVE YOUR LOOK! Envy the tiny waistline, and everything about you!

  2. As my boyfriend told me the other night, you are the convertible dress QUEEN….

  3. I’ve been seeing the swimwear photos on tons of blogs, but not the wrap dress. Those seem to have gotten HUGE in the past 7 months. But the DKNY is like $800 or something. Gorgeous photos.

  4. I love, love, love the convertible dress. I used them for the bridesmaids in my wedding. They looked incredible. You can see them in Monif’s October blog post

  5. love love i can see myself in the leopard print. i need to take a shopping trip to monif c’s store. you better workkkkkkkk

  6. Ciao Mia, Congratulazioni per per le tue foto per Monif-c;
    sono Aurè dall’Italia e vorrei dirti che hai la Bellezza, il Carisma , il Sexy Appeal di una Dea Mediterranea !

    Hello Mia , Congratulations for your Wonderful Shoot feat Monif C dresses;
    You’re Gorgeous, You’re a Leading Plus-Size STAR …Cheers !

    Greetings from Italy by a fellow naive Artist who love painting only
    Plus-sized Women and to celebrate their sparkling Beauty.
    I’m figthing for diversity in Art: Plus-size Women in Art !
    — W the Plus Size women ! —
    Happy & smiling day

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