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ANTM Makeover

Posted in Entertainment, Hollywood, Pop Culture on February 25, 2010 by miaamber

You guys know how much I love my second best BFF in my head Tyra Banks TyTy’s only slightly behind Beyonce in my BFF ratings.

My pal Tyra has done something else to get folks talking! America’s Next Top Model will debut season 15 without a familiar face in a familiar place.

Popular judge, Miss J. Alexander will be replaced by Vogue Editor-At-Large Andre Leon Talley. 


I love Miss J. but I have a slight obsession with ALT. 

Watch the new season of ANTM beginning March 5th on the CW.



Happy Birthday, Erica!

Posted in Beauty, Entertainment, Mia Amber Style on February 25, 2010 by miaamber

A big happy birthday goes out to my multi-hyphenated friend, Comedianne-actress-director-blogger-diva, Erica Watson!

I had the privilege of styling Erica for her current appearances in both Time Out New York and YRB Magazines.

Have a fabulously curvy B-Day, E!



Fast Becoming A Curvy Girl’s BFF

Posted in Beauty, Curvy News, Pop Culture on February 25, 2010 by miaamber

Designer Mark Fast showed at London Fashion Week a few days ago and once again incorporated plus models in his collection. 

He did the same thing last season and had a much publicized falling out with the stylist of his show as a result of it.

 Kudos, Mr. Fast.  Kudos indeed!



Curvy is En Vogue

Posted in Beauty, Curvy News, Entertainment, Pop Culture on February 25, 2010 by miaamber

Vogue Italia has launched a new site called Vogue Curvy! It’s dedicated to the fashion and entertainment industry’s plus icons.  Vogue Italia hit gold with last years “Black Issue” and now they’re trailblazing again through this endeavor. Perhaps others will find the guts to be so progressive.

The new site launched with plus super models Crystal Renn photographed by the legendary Steven Meisel

and Lizzie Miller

The Curvy Can Initiative has also launched through the magazine. Here’s a re-post from the website:

“Six ex-“size 0” models come together to increase awareness about eating disorders

Their names are Aija Barzdina, Eleonora Finazzer, Elisa D’Ospina, Miriam Bon, Marina Ferrari and Valentina Fogliani. Each one has had her own career as a “regular” model, as well as a difficult relationship with food. Today, they’ve found happiness in their “real” sizes, which they flaunt in this shot by photographer Luca Patrone for the launch of Curvy Can, a national campaign created from a collaboration with Jonas Onlus. The aim is to promote the idea of body awareness as an important part of female beauty, and to help women feel confident about their own unique beauty. The group Curvy Can is also active on Facebook.”




Plus Models Mia Amber & Crystal Renn

Posted in Curvy News, Mia in Motion, News, Pop Culture on February 25, 2010 by miaamber

I recently attended ABC’s  “Nightline Face-Off” on the topic, “Is it OK to be Fat?” held at NYC’s historic Cooper Union Hall.  Among the panelists were Plus Super Model Crystal Renn and my CNN Nemesis Meme Roth.

It was a fiery debate that you can check out here.  The bottom line is…be the best self you can be. 



Mia Amber’s Favorite New Thing!

Posted in Beauty, Mia in Motion on February 22, 2010 by miaamber

A couple of weeks ago while walking the runway at Macy’s Herald Square in the heart of NYC, the Lancome make up team presented their spring collection and debuted the new collection of La Laque Fever 8 hour lip gloss.

I wore a color called, “Electric Pink” and it was love at first sight.

The color I wore is about the same color pink as the above photo but my electric pink makes it look like you kissed a fairy wand full of hot pink glitter! It’s a real show stopper.

I wore it during my hosting duties at Queens Fashion Week and women of all shapes and sizes kept asking me for more info about my lip gloss.  Do you know the best part about this wonder gloss? One application lasts all day long with no need to re-apply! It also stays moist!

Shine on!



The glam.MAR.ous Life!

Posted in Beauty, Mia in Motion on February 22, 2010 by miaamber

This past week I had the distinct pleasure of hosting the first ever Queens Fashion Week.  As soon as I can I will be posting photos from the weekend.

There were a number of fashionable folks in attendance who came to each QFW event.  Mary Beirne was one of them.

Her distinctly glamorous look complete with a funky new headband each night made me take notice and after having a conversation with her I found out that she was a headband designer!

On the final evening of QFW Mar presented me with my very own one-of- a-kind glittery, hot pink, gla.MAR.ous headband which she said was inspired by my lipgloss!

Thanks Mar for your generosity! If you’re interested in getting your gla.MAR.ous on, click here!