You Gotta Have Faith… 21

About a week ago, I ventured out to Forever 21 in Brooklyn, NY’s Kings Plaza Mall.  Basically, I just wanted to see what was new for spring.  Boy was I surprised to find out that Forever 21’s new plus size line, Faith 21 was not only now available in NY but that I happened to be standing in the only store in the NYC area that carried it!

I had a blast rocking to new music as I tried on a bunch of cute items in the fitting room.  Here are a few of the items that made the cut

Each of these items were about $13-15 each!  I just found out by looking at the website that the blue tie-dye is actually a tube top but I thought it was a skirt and that’s how I plan on wearing it!

There were a couple of other pieces but I don’t see them on the website so I don’t have pics to post. 

In terms of fit–the sizing ranges from 1X-3X and they seem to run pretty true to size but remember it’s a Jr. fit.

Happy Shopping!



One Response to “You Gotta Have Faith… 21”

  1. I love Forever 21 for their accessories. I live in Las Vegas, and the store in Fashion Show Mall is the truth.

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