Plus Uber Model Crystal Renn is NY Fashion Weeks Newest Blogger

Plus Size Uber Model Crystal Renn is the newest NY Fashion Week blogger for Glamour magazine’s Slaves to Fashion
She had some great advice for young women interested in modeling and I thought you might enjoy it so I’ve re-posted it below along with my favorite photo of Crystal from the recent V Magazine Size Issue.

Happy Reading!



If I Could Tell Young Women One Thing About the Modeling Biz It Would Be…*

Hi Glamour readers–thanks for the warm welcome! It feels a little funny to say hello since I feel like I already know you so well–all your personal comments on my Glamour shoots were so enthusiastic and inspiring! I’m excited to be joining the Glamour fashion team at New York Fashion Week—it should be fun to have the chance to be on the other side of the runway for once!

As Cindi mentioned yesterday, while modeling is my main gig, that doesn’t mean my interests begin and end with fashion. I was inspired to write my book not only to share my story and help dispel some modeling industry myths, but also to spread the message to young women that nearly everything—from food to stress, work and fun—works best in moderation. (In fact, I recently took part in a Nightline “Face Off” panel discussion about America’s complicated relationship to both dieting and obesity. The conversation will air on Monday, February 22nd in case you want to check it out!) In addition to talking about my own experience with the pressures to be thin, one of the most common questions I get asked at this sort of speaking event is what kind of advice I’d give girls or young women who are interested in the modeling industry. I usually tell them to follow their heart—but keep their wits about them and have a few trustworthy mentors on speed dial. But I also mention these little tips, all of which have helped turn a job into a career I love—and the best part is, these suggestions work whether or not your gig involves catwalks or photo shoots!

Treat every job—no matter how small—like this is your make or break moment!
Some might disagree, but I consider modeling a form of art—and especially since it’s my chosen career, I take it very, very seriously. I give it my all at every shoot—it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a pricey couture gown or jeans and a t-shirt. Like an actress on movie set, I play a personality and wear it as if it belongs to me—as if I would go get my mail wearing it. “Being one with the dress” might even be my motto!

Make sure to set aside some time for yourself.
Everyone—from young models to moms of five—knows it’s hard to find a few quiet minutes for yourself, but to keep moving forward, you’ve got to stop now and then. Last night I sat in my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, wore a green mask that promised to shrink pores and combat acne while also making me resemble something that you might see on Sesame Street! I set the mood with candles (that claim to make your apartment smell like the rain forest) and listened to Abigail Washburn on my stereo. Not so bad!

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.
When I arrived in the Big Apple fresh from Clinton, Mississippi, I thought I had the world figured out. Oh how naive I was. Finding my way around NYC for the first time on my own was a daunting task and I realized quickly how much I really had to learn about life. (Balancing a checkbook was another important lesson to learn.) There was a whole world in front of me, ready to discover, and I was hungry. Hungry for knowledge, life experience, and ultimately change. This job has taken me to many far away places such as Morocco, South Africa, and Paris–places that in my young life, would have been impossible to see. Sometimes I have to smile to myself when I remember laying on my bed in Mississippi, looking up at the stars that I had plastered to my ceiling, wondering where my life would take me, what would I do, who would I be.

Be thankful for whatever adventures come your way.
This whirlwind opportunity started 7 years ago and through the many ups and downs, I’ll always consider it one of my life’s greatest blessings. Traveling to foreign countries, experiencing unfamiliar cultures first hand, being introduced to some of the most eccentric people you can meet (who have been my greatest teachers)—what else could an inquisitive girl like me ask for? Oh okay, other than world peace and a beer to go along with it!

*Ok, so that’s more than one thing.

2 Responses to “Plus Uber Model Crystal Renn is NY Fashion Weeks Newest Blogger”

  1. Jade Bishop Says:

    Mia, I am very thankful and grateful for the recognition given to women
    of varying colors and sizes today. I remember the rejection letter I received from Glamour Magazine as a younger woman. I asked for makeup for Back women, demonstrated by same. “We represent our target readers,” I was told. “It’s hopeless,” I thought. Fast forward
    to 2010, and women can find any representation sought, for makeup,
    hair and clothing. Thank you for being apart of this exciting fashion

  2. Spero che Crystal possa leggere queste mie parole, chissà…
    Secondo me Crystal Renn ha la Bellezza, il Carisma , il Sexy Appeal di una Dea Mediterranea..sono d’accordo con Lei: la “FAME” è il motore per diventare un grande Artista…”Be Hungry, be foolish” his my motto.
    I’m a naive sicilian Artist and I’m “HUNGRY”: Hungry for knowledge, life experience, Success… as I have a Dream: to be the most acclaimed Italian Artist and to paint the Most beautiful Women, People of the World!

    I think that Crystal Renn has the Charme, the Sex Appeal of a GODDESS !
    I find her interview very interesting: I agree with her that “Hungry” is the key to become a better Artist and Yes a Model is also an Artist of course!
    dear Crystal Keep up your Great Work ! !

    Greetings from Sicily by fellow Artist Aurè, who is figthing for Diversity in Art and in Fashion.
    Nobody else in Sicily/Italy paint Plus size Girls; but Aurè loves painting Big Women and to celebrate their shining Beauty!

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