Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson appeared on Oprah today and the conversation naturally turned to Jessica’s past year of ups and downs including the “Mom Jeans” incident which she said was one of the worst things to ever happen to her. 

Click here to watch a clip of Jessica talking about it on Oprah

From PopEater:

“Simpson also discusses the recent focus on her weight, which began with an over-hyped public appearance in unflattering jeans and resulted in a year of media scrutiny and a cruel NFL ad poking fun at Simpson’s figure.

“The judgment of people. … Those voices are sometimes in my head when I fall asleep,” the singer tells Oprah, saying that even banal experiences like walking through an airport can spark painful moments.”I was going through security, getting a pat down, and the woman goes, ‘Oh, you’re really not that big.’ I walk away from a moment like that thinking that people really think that I’m 245 pounds.”

The real problem with the attention paid to her weight, she says, goes beyond her own ego. “The sad part about it is that when everything came out, I didn’t want to sit down and talk to anyone about it because I felt guilty,” she says. “I felt like if people look at me and they’re a size bigger, they think they’re fat because of what the media was saying. I didn’t want to feed into it.”

It really is unfortunate that this young woman who was known for her quirky humor and talent is now known for her weight and dating history. 

Although I am much more a fan of her accessories and shoe collections than her singing and acting, I hope her new project, “The Price of Beauty” will swing the attention back to a much less intrusive space.

I’m rooting for you Jessica!



One Response to “Jessica Simpson”

  1. Mia, I’ve followed Jessica’s career since she had her reality show, and I hate to see what she’s gone through. Her shoe and accessory line is nothing but the truth!

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