Is That Why She’s Smiling?

I just read a list of the most beautiful full-figured women of all time and guess who made the list?

Leonardo Di Vinci’s Mona Lisa!

Hmmmm…  I never even considered her as plus sized.  What do you think?



at do you think?

One Response to “Is That Why She’s Smiling?”

  1. Ciao, Hi Mia,
    Well, I think you’re Right…
    Leonardo da Vinci and All Painters of all time NEVER painted Curvy or Plus Size Women alas ! !
    ..but There’s One Painter in the World that’s starting a Revolution ..painting Curvy Plus Size Goddess to celebrate their Beauty…his name is Aurè from Sicily / Italy !
    I created the Curvy Plus Size Sicilian MonaLisa feat Santuzza.
    W the Plus Size Women , W the Joy of Curves ! ..W the LIFE ! …and let’s Go Plu Size!
    Please see my SicilianMonalisa

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