Mia Amber Loves It!

I left home early today so that I could get a quick Mani/Pedi before heading off  to my afternoon photo shoot. Every good model knows that for work, neutral colors are the way to go!

Today I discovered a new color and I’m in LOVE!

It’s called, “Chin Chilly” and it’s FAB! It’s kind of a brownish- grey yet trey chic!

This is what it looks like in action (totally not my hand BTW–I googled it and a bunch of photos popped up!)

Two words:




3 Responses to “Mia Amber Loves It!”

  1. Yes, it is a very nice color!
    You should also check out Neo Whimsical (neutral pink color) and Lilacism (neutral purple color – very light) by Esi. There a part of their new pastel line and I love it. I get so many compliments.

  2. I meant they are a part of their new pastel line…sorry!

  3. That color IS great! I bought a new color today that you should check out, it’s by OPI called… meet me on the starferry, I believe. Lovely! I brought it to a salon and got it painted on right away!

    So, I’ve been admiring your loveliness on Monif C for a while now, but not until today did I decide to find out more about this lovely girl! So, I did some hunting an found your myspace page – watched that Janice Dickinson clip that made me CRY – but I was so proud of your poise, you acted so becoming of yourself, very classy. What a wonderful example you make.

    Thanks for doing what you’re moving to do. I, too, grew up not only without curvy shaped role models, but also without ones of color – so it’s so refreshing and lovely to know things are changing, due to you and those before you, and it’s exciting to know my girls are growing up in a world where how mommy look isn’t so different 🙂

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