Mia Amber Talks Body Armor

Ladies, let’s talk.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to broach this subject but we’re all friends here so I’m just going to be direct.

Let’s talk about foundation..and I don’t mean make up! Get thee to a girdle shop!

Every woman, no matter her shape or size should invest in great foundation pieces which enhance the fit of any outfit.  I own an army of foundations that I commonly refer to as body armor

In my personal opinion–SPANX are not for everyone.  

If you’re of a certain size, you need more and that’s perfectly OK!

Here are the items that I consider must-haves. 

The basic, “all in one” 

The all in one looks like a swimsuit but it’s the ultimate in all over control with just one piece. It lifts the bust, smooths the belly, controls rear end jiggle and if it’s a proper fit, it improves posture.  This one, as well as most of the items I will show you are made by Flexees. I am in love with their products as I feel they last long, wash well and give great support.  You can wear the all in one beneath t-shirts, tanks, dresses and any item where you feel you need a little control.

An alternative to the all in one is the brief.  If you own a great bra or if your lower half is where you need the most control then a brief may be right for you.  This one has a waist nipper built into it for extra control.  The brief smooths out the stomach, love handles and rear end.

I call our next item, “bicycle shorts” because that’s just what they look like.  They give you smooth thighs and eliminate jiggle beneath walking shorts, dresses and the like.  Properly fitting shorts will not create a line or bulge at the base of your thigh!  My favorite shorts have a silicone track inside the leg openings which prevent them from rolling up.

The “football pants” are a definite staple when wearing slacks, a maxi dress, leggings and so on.  They smooth the entire leg and give a nice silhouette.

Last but certainly not least is my pick for the best strapless bustier money can buy.  The Goddess brand provides pure strength for the heavy bosomed full-figured woman!


Please don’t be ashamed to buy foundation garments, they’re not the girdles our grandmothers used to wear.  For the best possible fit find a lingerie shop in your area where the women working there measure you for exact fit.  Pay no attention to the numbers/cup sizes/random things they may say about what size you actually are.  As long as you get a proper fit—go with it! 

Keep in mind that a properly fitting girdle will not create extra lines and bulges.

There are tons more foundation garments that you can own but remember, these are the basics.

Happy shopping!



5 Responses to “Mia Amber Talks Body Armor”

  1. I talked about this same topic last month on my blog after reading how some fat bloggers disliked any type of foundation. I guess I’m ol’ school! I do wear them and I own a couple different kinds.


    Thats the link to the blog I posted! Great stuff! I didn’t know you had a blog! 😀

  2. Very helpful advice on the under armor. These are pretty much mandatory for every model tote.
    Mia your blog is amazing. I want to be a stylist and a model just like you. Where has your blog been hiding my whole life lol.

  3. Excellent advice!!!! Plus ladies please take out pen and pad. This can change your shape and how you feel in your clothes. Having proper “armor” is actually more comfortable than none.

  4. lovely lady L Says:

    I totally agree body armor is so important. I have struggled for a long time trying to find the right gurdle,no luck yet so i was so excited when you posted this info on your blog. can you please let us know where we can purchase the Flexees products also the location of any good gurdle shops. thanks so much!

    • miaamber Says:

      Hi! Flexees are available at most department stores. I usually pick them up at Macy’s or J.C. Penny. Speaking of Penny’s they have a line of store brand foundation garments which are pretty great, too!

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