Mia Amber Has a Girl’s Night Out!

This past weekend in NYC I attended my first ever, “Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out!”  If you’ve never been to a SGNO it’s pure fun in the form of vendors, a live DJ, open bars and more!

Friend and jewelry designer Rachel Fennimore invited me and super friend Madeline Figueroa-Jones to the event because she was going to be showing her incredible Fennimas Collection. 

As soon as we walked in from the monsoon-ish rain and wind that was plaguing NYC that night Maddy and I hit the red carpet

The space at 82 Mercer was beautiful with impossibly high ceilings and exposed brick walls.  The place was packed with women ready to shop!

We spotted Rachel’s booth right away and quickly snapped up a couple of pieces of her one-of-a-kind jewelry

I have had my eye on this piece since shooting my most recent campaign for Monif C. Plus Sizes

So, I scooped it up immediately!

Maddy took home this stunner

Want to see more of Rachel’s collection? Click here!

Hope to see you at the next event! Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out are held all around the country and they’re coming back to NYC in June.  Call up a few great girlfriend’s and have a ball!



One Response to “Mia Amber Has a Girl’s Night Out!”

  1. That necklace is gorgeous. They used to have Shecky’s in my home town. I hope they bring it back.

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