Plus Model Mia Amber for Monif C. Plus Sizes

So… remember a few days ago when I posted this behind the scenes pic and promised to reveal more about the shoot soon…???

Well…it’s SOON!!

Here are the just released photos from my new Monif C. Fall 2010 Campaign: 

This was the most fun on set I’ve had in a long time!

Kudos and love to Fennima’s Jewlery, Daryon Haylock for the hair and make up, Brandon “Blue” Coates for the styling, Krista Svalbonas for the photography, Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista for dropping by the set and helping out (fantastic meeting you and PLEASE get the YELLOW dress) and the one and only Monif Clarke for EVERYTHING!!

Please visit Monif’s site for many more pics.  She’s truly outdone herself with this collection!



3 Responses to “Plus Model Mia Amber for Monif C. Plus Sizes”

  1. Wow! You almost don’t look like yourself there. Your an amazing beauty!! love your work!

  2. Beautiful campaign and clothes. Monif should have been on RTR.

  3. sugarshakes Says:

    Your hair looks just as lush as Jennifer Hudsons! I wish I had big hair!

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