OK, for the past week ago the curvy universe has been all a buzz about Singer/Actress Jennifer Hudson signing on as the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  Some folks are super excited and some are just plain angry with Jennifer for “turning her back on the curvy community.”

Personally, I have no opinion on the subject however the commercial has me mesmerized for a totally random reason…

J-Hud’s hair looks INCREDIBLE!! It’s so shiny and perfect that I want to touch it.

Don’t judge me.



5 Responses to “Sidebar…”

  1. Lisa Rowe Says:

    I have no judgment either but hey if its what makes her happy so be it…I’m definitely a plus size woman and happy with it…but my daughter who is 16 is also a plus size and Not happy with it…so it’s whatever floats ur boat…its her life…but I’m sure since she seems so nice that she hasn’t turned her back on us plus size gals…she is doing what is best for her…..and that’s not bad…i wish i had the drive to lose weight but i don’t…so i stay as i am and enjoy life while u can…Tomorrow is not promised to any of us…

  2. That WIG does look shiny.

  3. Jade Bishop Says:

    Don’t judge me, but I want to OWN that hair!!!!!!(^_^)

  4. She is now a smaller plus, and still lovely.

  5. sugarshakes Says:

    I like the commercial too – but mostly because I’m studying her lipcolor. As a brown girl, I’ve been wanting to get into the “nude lip color” thing going on, but I just can’t seem to get it right! I look ashy, dead or Barbie, or 90s… might as well outline them in black eyeliner-90s…

    She looks lovely and healthy.

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