CK on the Right Track

Word on the runway street is that iconic fashion designer Calvin Klein is poised to stop using size zero models on the catwalk:

Check out the report from Style List below:

See ya later, size zero!

Calvin Klein has reportedly ditched beyond-skinny models in favor size 2-4 beauties, Fashionologie reports.

With size 4 supermodel Lara Stone rumored to front several Calvin Klein campaigns this fall, designer Francisco Costa — who recently spoke out about the use of underweight, underaged models — has apparently decided to ditch size 0 girls altogether, according to the fashion blog.

Meanwhile, 1 Management Christopher Michael reportedly spilled more details, tweeting that it was “a sign of the times indeed.”

Woo Hoo! We might actually have to fight for a cheese cube at the catering trays backstage next Fashion Week — usually we’re the only ones eating.

Though sizes 2 and 4 are hardly “meaty,” it is a big step for the fashion industry and further proof that the ongoing celebration of curves still has legs. (Sorry, Garance.)

But what will become of these size 0 castoffs? Perhaps they can find work elsewhere… as human toothpicks?

This is very exciting.  Back in the early 90’s size 2-4 was the norm on the runway and I hope this move by CK sets a new standard!



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