Lane Bryant Ad Banned by Fox & ABC?!

Mega plus size retailer, Lane Bryant is furious over the alleged banning of their latest commercial by major networks like FOX and ABC. The ad in question features Plus Supermodel Ashley Graham clothed primarily in her beautiful Lane Bryant Cacique lingerie as she prepares for a date.

LB is claiming that the only reason they’re being shut out is because the model featured in the as is plus sized.  Ashley is a full size 16 and every bit is stunning. 

Here’s what they had to say:

“ABC and Fox have made the decision to define beauty for you by denying our new, groundbreaking Cacique commercial from airing freely on their networks,”

 ABC “restricted our airtime” by denying it a slot during “Dancing with the Stars,” while Fox “demanded excessive re-edits and rebuffed it three times before relenting to air it during the final 10 minutes of ‘American Idol,’ but only after we threatened to pull the ad buy.”

ABC had this to say:

“Their statements are not true, the ad was accepted. Lane Bryant was treated absolutely no differently than any advertiser for the same product. We were willing to accommodate them, but they chose to seek publicity instead.”

Take a look at the commercial…

Is it any wilder than an ad for Victoria’s Secret? Hardly.

What do you think? 



3 Responses to “Lane Bryant Ad Banned by Fox & ABC?!”

  1. Terry, Jr. Says:

    As a guy who appeciates the beauty of a curvy. voluptuous woman, I thought this ad was done in good taste!! Also the model, Ashley Graham is 10000000X better than ANY Victoria’s Secret model!! But REALLY, what message are the actions of the networks are sending, that anybody over a size 2 is NOT beautiful??? Forgive me for cursing but I think this double standard is BULLSHIT!! They will air VS lingerie ads but ban Lane Bryant’s ads?? What nerve!!!

  2. This commercial was absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  3. To me a woman’s beauty is in her curves as well as her soul and mind. Thickness represents warmth and comfort especially in the company of another.

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