French Blogger (Kind of)Eats Her Words

Well known French fashion blogger, Garance Dore’ is backtracking on comments that she recently made regarding the “gimmicky” use of “unhealthy” plus size models during international fashion weeks.

Dore’ initially had this to say to Sky News:

“It should not be such a big deal to show women with different bodies, but sometimes it’s treated like a bit of joke, or for shock, like the plus-size models on the runway in the UK fashion week…I think it’s too much and almost naive of the fashion industry, because it would be nice in a few years that the idea of different body shapes is normal, but right now it’s not quite there yet.

It’s not such a good thing to show plus-size, because it’s not really physically healthy and not always flattering to fashion.”

Because of the huge backlash those comments brought her, here’s the clarification Garance gave to the Huffington Post:

“I never said that plus-size models are unhealthy. That would be totally stupid of me. To me, they represent the diversity of women’s bodies, and what I said is that I will be happy to see them on a runway on a regular basis, just mixed [in with regular models] and not [walking] all together at the same time.

But I also think that if things like V Mag or the Mark Fast show contribute to making people more tolerant and the fashion industry more open to that, then it’s just great and a good sign for the future.

I, myself, am not a model at all, and I have always said that I like my curves.”

Well, I am a model and I LOVE my curves. I’m so sick of the mainstream fashion industry speaking negatively about the plus fashion industry! When will it be “OK” to be a fashion representative for the often overlooked majority of women on this continent who are plus sized?

When will we stop being categorized as “unhealthy gimmicks?”  Plus models work just as hard if not harder than “straight” size models. 

The real question is this: Why is the inclusion or even the mere existence of full-figured models considered a threat to the fashion industry?

What are your thoughts?



2 Responses to “French Blogger (Kind of)Eats Her Words”

  1. MzButta Says:

    Honestly… She is fulla sh*t… And thats all!!!! :-))

  2. Tien Tien Says:

    I am SO sick of people saying that, Plus size models arn’t actually ‘Plus size’ they’re NORMAL size’ some people just don’t get that, WE are NOT ‘unhealthy’ WE ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY WE ARE! deal with it.

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