Designer Calls Plus Models A “Joke”

Once again a fashion designer has thrown in his $0.02 about plus models.

According to Stylelist, this is what Julien Macdonald had to say about plus size models:

“Sometimes fashion designers are better seen and not heard.

Case in point: Welsh designer Julien Macdonald, who joins the ranks of Karl Lagerfeld in the foot-in-mouth department, after calling plus-size models a “joke,” The Sun reports.

Macdonald made the controversial comments after defending “Britain’s Next Top Model” — on which he now serves as a judge — and its decision to not follow in the footsteps of “America’s Next Top Model” by featuring curvier contestants, according to the paper.

“There were no plus-size models,” Macdonald reportedly said of the show’s sixth season.

“This is a serious show. You can’t have a plus-size girl winning — it makes it a joke.

“It’s not fair on them — you’re setting them up for a fall. I know what would happen to them. They are looked down on.”

What do you think about Mr. Macdonald’s statement?



3 Responses to “Designer Calls Plus Models A “Joke””

  1. Never heard of him, but I would have hoped a designer would be more informed on the value of plus models in print, and especially runways.His statement was for shock value and to get his name in the press.

  2. Honestly? While it’s a stupid move on their part I think his comments are just for publicity. He might mean it of course but I think it was said for PR. I don’t think he’s realized that he’s insulted a large portion of the shows demographic.

  3. I disagree with his statement; I think plus-size models are long overdue. Not everyone likes women so thin that they’re size is in the negative range. I prefer to see women with curves myself.

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