Where For Art Thou Crystal Renn?

I just came across these new photos of the plus size uber model Crystal Renn and the first words out of my mouth (after I picked my jaw up off the ground) were, “Oh, my!”

These pics are from Renn’s new campaign for Fashion for Passion and frankly, I’m worried. 

While I’m happy that Crystal is being taken so seriously by mainstream fashion and being photographed by the world’s leading photographers, (these pics are by Nicholas Routzen) I see a shadow of her former,”thin-to-be-in” self emerging and that may be an issue… or , it may not be. I am not one to judge.

I just don’t want this “new” representation of curvy to become the norm as it does not represent me as a model or as a woman.




3 Responses to “Where For Art Thou Crystal Renn?”

  1. Marva Brown Says:

    I think that curves of all sizes are beautiful but it also worries me when i see imagery of one of the most publicly acclaimed ‘plus models’ looking exactly like a straight size model. Where are the curves??

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