Mia Amber Catwalks on the Brooklyn Bridge

Mia Amber All Decked Out in Torrid & Ready for the Runway

I’ve always wanted to walk across NY’s famed Brooklyn Bridge and even have it written on my “Bucket List!”  Last night I got to cross that item off my list in a major way.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Gabi is YFF!

MTV is searching for its first ever TJ or Twitter Jockey and Plus Fashion Icon in the making Gabi of the blog Young Fat and Fabulous has worked her way up to the top five finalists!

Her latest TJ challenge was to have a meetup/fashion show in a NYC Landmark (The Brooklyn Bridge.)  She basically had hours to pull it all together and I was one of the 10 models booked for the show.

Mia Amber, @Gabifresh and Plus Models on NY's Brooklyn Bridge

It was absolutely empowering and emotional to be on top of my hometown doing what I love.

Big, HUGE thanks to Gabi for including me in her dream.

Please tune in and vote for Gabi on Sunday, August 8th on MTV.  You can follow Gabi on Twitter, too. 

Mia Amber adding Lashes to Plus Model friend Jeannie before the show

Everyone in the crowd who came out to support had big hearts drawn on their hands and they were all super supportive!

The footage from the show will probably air during Sunday’s finale.

I met tourists from all over the world and even tried out my Spanish on visitors from Spain who were fascinated by our production (and my Spanish!) 

Not sure that they had ever seen plus size models before but they definitely knew of MTV and Twitter!

Good times 🙂

Mia Amber & Madeline Figueroa-Jones on the Windy BKLYN Bridge!


Mia Amber's Catwalk...The Brooklyn Bridge

 Thanks to Soyrican for the fabulous photos and the warm smiles!



2 Responses to “Mia Amber Catwalks on the Brooklyn Bridge”

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  2. I wish I would have known to come out and supported. Nice.

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