Kim Cattrall Too Big for Sample Size

Sex & The City icon, Kim Cattrall says that she was often overlooked by designers who sent clothes to the set of SATC because she was too big to fit the tiny samples.

“Kim Cattrall was never able to enjoy the couture costumes on the Sex And The City set because designers only sent sizes to fit her super-skinny co-stars.

The 54-year-old actress starred in six seasons of the hit TV show and two movie spin-offs alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

But Cattrall admits she was never as slim as the other actresses and often missed out on wearing the best designer pieces, leaving her with vintage clothes instead.

She tells, “I’m not a sample size like Sarah and Kristin. I couldn’t wear a lot of the clothes the young designers would send us. I’d wear a lot of vintage… Sometimes the fittings would be eight hours long and your whole body would ache from having clothes pulled on and off.”


I personally spent weeks on set with Kim and her co-stars during the filming of SATC2 and all of the ladies were INCREDIBLY thin. A fellow actor on set commented that she could count the vertebrae on Cattrall’s spine.  To hear that even she is too big for standard sample sizes is scary to say the least.

It is my greatest fashion wish that designers would start creating clothing for women who already exist and not designing in hopes that women’s bodies will change to fit their clothing.



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