Help! I Need Full Figured Fashion Tips!

Essence writes:

Dear Mia,

I’m 19 and a  size 24. I’m 5’10, wear a 3x  and a size 12 shoe so it’s really hard to find nice clothes that  fit and are fashionable for my age.

In my town in Chicago we have Rainbow, Dots, and Ashley Stewart.  They have the nicest stuff but I’m tired of them because I go there all the time!  I just need any tips that you can offer because I want to stand out, be beautiful and feel comfortable in my skin.

I need hair, makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories tips!

Thanx, love ya!


Hi Essence,

Thanks so much for writing! We have a lot in common from being full figured and fabulous with size 12 feet to sometimes getting bored with what’s out there on the plus size market!

I love your confidence and willingness to seek out new things!

My advice to you is this… if the stores you frequent on a regular basis aren’t giving you enough of what you want then find new stores and let your fingers do the walking!

If there aren’t any in your area and you’re unable or unwilling to make a day-trip out of a shopping adventure with some friends, brands like Torrid, Faith 21, ASOS Curve, Evans UK and Fashion to Figure have fantastic on-line offerings that are young and trendy with great fits and they won’t break your budget!

I know that shopping on-line isn’t ideal but it’s a start and all of the brands I mentioned have great fit and in my opinion, run true to size.  Also, every store I’ve mentioned has

awesome accessories!

As for shoes, my favorite place to shop in Chicago is Nordstrom Rack! They carry marked down designer shoes in up to size 14.

My old standby for shoes is Payless!

Did you know that if you see a shoe you love at Payless but they don’t have any in a size 12 you have two options…

You can go to the register and ask for a style look up of the shoe you like in your size (sometimes you even get a coupon just for doing a look up) or  you can go online and order the shoe in a size 12.

Often  shoes are available in all sizes on line but the stores only carry a limited quantity.

As for you hair and make up… PLAY!! While you’re online look up photos of your favorite celebs and save them into an inspiration folder on your computer. Later try to copy their hair and make up trends using your own twist on the styles.  You could also do this by pulling pics from magazines and taping the pics on your bathroom mirror while doing your hair and make up.

I hope this helps! The bottom line is don’t be afraid to try new things! Stepping out of your comfort zone is a guaranteed way to switch up your style and get noticed.

You’re already beautiful so remember that smiling helps, too!



P.S. Let me know how it goes!

2 Responses to “Help! I Need Full Figured Fashion Tips!”

  1. Jade Bishop Says:

    Dear Mia,

    You gave Essence superior advice! Loved the clothes and shoes you
    posted! I truly believe that within five years major designers
    of clothing and shoes, will be more mindful of shoe sizes 11-12!

  2. ThaMzButta` Says:

    GREAT Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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