Renn and Richardson

Uber model Crystal Renn is once again seen on the pages of Parisian Vogue.  This time she was shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson and truthfully I’m not sure what to think…




27 Responses to “Renn and Richardson”

  1. I am a little disgusted by the photos of Crystal. She is becoming a bit of a controversial model, which is not always a bad thing, but i think that these photos are in bad taste. I think it is just a little insensitive to have a plus size model taking photos where she is is lusting over food. Otherwise, she looks beautiful, i just disagree with the “edible accessories” they decided to use.

  2. I find the sexual connotations repulsive. This is inappropriate for fashion, for advertising, for for a woman who has become a role model for young and adult women. I’m sure Ms. magazine would have oodles to say about these.

  3. WHAT THE MESS???!!!! Um……yep. I got nothing either. *Blank Stare*

  4. I too find the sexual innuendos inappropriate, but the bigger issue for me is that a woman who has been praised by so many for changing the fashion world to include curvier figures is now playing into the stereotype that curves are tantamount to overeating. Who knows if that was the motivation for the shoot, but even if it wasn’t these pictures exacerbate the “fat” stereotype and will give people ammunition to continue pushing this view on impressionable young women.

  5. The food is def overshadowing the fashion. don’t even know what they are focusing on. Those ugly sweatrs? Her expression rocked out tho !

  6. Certainly doesn’t make me want to buy whatever they’re selling….. Not sure what message they’re trying to get across.

  7. ummmmm… you have to be kidding me??!! This is not art. This is degrading and repulsive. Why in the world would you even flaunt these photos on your website? I’m very disappointed. I would love to know how Crystal felt during this shoot… and how does she feel about herself now? I would love to stick it to this photographer with the knife used in first meat photo. What a moron. I feel desperately sorry for you, Crystal. 😦

  8. It doesn’t trigger body image stuff for me. I find it repulsive both because of the waste of food and the concatenation of gluttony & wealth.

  9. Arttemia Arktos Says:

    If the goal of the pictures was to show that eating is good, failed. Images are scatological. The model has struggled to accept herself and take pictures like this, do not add anything to the message she tries to pass through her example. It seems like those who like to eat is an insatiable glutton … So, for those who have problems with their weight and appearance photos cause disgust.
    And the sexual connotations are also repulsive. Very ugly and in bad taste.

  10. What the feezy? Who thought this would be creative?
    I really don’t know what to think about this either. If I was a plus sized model or any I think I’d be offended. I think they could’ve presented that concept even further than they did.

  11. I don’t get it. Is it a commentary on plus sized models? Or is it a piece on overindulgence?

  12. I find the implied message here to be denegrading to women, nutrition, and overtly sexual… she is making food an object of perversity, and implying that eating alone has to be riddled with sexuality, or if not, then guilt. The whole point of the plus size modeling industry is to promote a natural, healthy body image- to make it a reality that life does not have to photo shoped to be happy and beautiful- and the curves of a woman are the things a man should crave- not the stick like annoreic models who unrealisticly potray a womans body to something that could never possibly be cozy, cuddly, or support child bearing. The curvy road a man doates over in his sports car, a curvy woman is what he should doate over in his home… and healthy eating should be part of the whole equation… this is a huge and disappointing step backwards…. Amen to hips,and all….

  13. pretty tasteless.

  14. Kathleen Dittmar Says:


  15. I’m really confused here. I mean, at first I thought that the content was supposed to represent being yourself in the fashion industry, whether you are full figured or thin, whether you eat or not, lol, but as I scrolled down, I wondered what the photographer was trying to say here. It’s what I like to call “extra”. I agree, Renn has become a role model, this is definitely not her best work, in my opinion.

  16. Actually I find this disgusting. Is it supposed to depict a love affair with food because she is a plus size woman? Is there a reason why she has to look like she is a savage the way he has her eating the spaghetti and the meat? Really?

    No words.

  17. Speechless. I’m trying really hard to concentrate on the fashion! I just don’t know how to interpret this kind of art. *kanye shrug*

  18. I have to say she looks great though – and I like the clothes & jewerly and the photography (lighting). It is just the subject matter that sucks.

  19. Urban_Chika Says:

    wow. I like to eat to. that’s doenst mean ur going to see me unattractively eating food that’s posted for everyone to see. it looks likes food porn. that’s not good for publicity espicially when kids might be seeing this.

  20. violetta joseph Says:

    She’s beautiful and I guess that adding the food in the shots established that she was not starving herself and her beauty shined through. On the other hand, were they thinking that because she was not coffee stirrer thin they had to establish that she was a plus size by showing her eating a variety of food stuffs. Another confused fashion editor that couldn’t let beauty stand on its own.

  21. Elaine Biss Says:

    I didn’t see any fashion here, just a girl gorging herself. I realize fashion is one of those art mediums capable of pushing the boundaries more so than any other. But this is as shocking as seeing Lindsay Lohan photographed with a knife and gory poses. I wonder if I would feel the same if this were thinner model. Just saying…

  22. It’s really sad that so many of us think these pics are horrible but can’t express it because the model is crystal renn and its suppose to be art. Crystal is a great model but she takes bad pics like a lot of other models. Not all of her work is pretty. And these here are awful. Can’t we be honest without being a hater?

  23. Ok, that is different!!! I do not know what to thing, but I do know this is not a fashion statement. I do not like what Crystal is doing. I feel that she is on both sides of the fence of being a spokesmodel for the plus size community and just doing what anybody wants her to do even if it makes plus size women look bad. I just do not like the photos at all. There is a better way of modeling with food then the way she portrayed in these pictures.

  24. […] These photos by world-renowned photographer Terry Richardson are vastly different from the recent editorial he shot for Vogue Paris. […]

  25. violetta joseph Says:

    The woman is working and working for the top fashion magazine as of now. Let it go. She’s getting paid. Dignity can come after the acceptance of the plus size model era.

  26. W Italian Macaroni !
    I love the pic feat Crystal enjoying Macaroni …
    Crystal Renn & photographer Terry Richardson are great Artist .
    I also created a painting feat a Tribute to the Beauty of Curve’s Women and Sicilian Macaroni of course:

    and the Sicilian Sweets …Enjoy !

    W Curvy Women and Italian Food !
    Greetings from Sicily by Aurè

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