Hair Help

Here’s a letter I received from an aspiring model:

Hi Mia,

I am currently pursuing my passion for plus size modeling and I’m seeking representation. I currently have a long, full weave but my natural hair is short and relaxed.   Is it ok to have a variety of pictures in my portfolio with both long and short hair?

When looking for work with my short hair will some agencies or casting directors be turned off from my short hair? Or if they think my hair would look better long, will they suggest I get extensions before the shoot?
I just don’t want to sell myself short by going back to my natural, relaxed short hair. 


Thanks for writing, C!  You asked about two different things.

In my opinion, when it comes to modeling, having diverse looks in your portfolio is an asset.  I recently had a client look through my portfolio and chose a hairstyle for my booking with them!  Models need to be chameleons but don’t get locked into a look unless it is highly demanded of you and easy to manipulate for work.

When it comes to meeting Casting Directors, it’s been my experience that they like you to look exactly like your headshot.  For example if you have a short afro on your headshot, you should not show up with a 26″ bone straight weave when you arrive for your audition.

If possible, take a look at the portfolios, comp cards and headshots of working models and actors to see what they are doing right!

The bottom line in both situations is to be comfortable being yourself… a blank canvas is easier to work with and if someone if “turned off” by the “real you” keep it moving!

I hope this helps.




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