Want More Size Diversity on the Runway…Renn Has Answers

Crystal Renn was a recent panelist at the Glamour Women of the Year Conference and had some very definite ideas on plus sizes in fashion and how plus size models could get more runway work:

What I would like to see is a bunch of different-sized models in fashion. Right now, we have extremes. We have size 2s and size zeros, and then over here we have size 14s and 16s. What I would like to see happen is that you watch the runway and you see all different sizes — you see 2s, you see 4s, you see 6s, we see 12s and 14s. Then there’s no controversy about body size. Then it’s all about the clothes…

These days, I’m seeing more 4s and 6s, which is considered bigger compared to what it was eight years ago. Is there still pressure? Of course. Are things changing? Yes, they are. I think we’re still not where we need to be … ultimately, when I see the runway, I don’t want to stick out. I want to see everybody up there…

                              …I think that the solution would be to make the sample size an 8 or a 10. It’s currently a 2, or a 4 if you’re very lucky. If you made it an 8 or a 10, then bigger girls — even 12s and 14s — could somehow get into the clothes, and also the 8s and 6s and 4s and 2s could have the clothes pinned on. I know from working in the plus-size industry, they have pinned clothes to me when it’s been a sample size 24. I’ve seen it work for a plus size, and I have no idea why we don’t have size 8s and 10s as sample sizes for straight-size models. Because right now, we’re all talking all the time about how we want to see fuller-figured women in fashion, but that’s really impossible unless we have the clothes…

The entire article is a good read and includes revelations by former Supermodel Paulina Porizkova about the fashion industry.

What are your thoughts?



One Response to “Want More Size Diversity on the Runway…Renn Has Answers”

  1. she is absolutly right. im tored of watching old navy commercials with same sized girls. lets throws some 14 models and 16 in the mix.

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