Raven Symone is Georgia

It has just been announced that former child star and Disney darling Raven Symone has been tapped to star in the ABC Family Pilot, “Great State of Georgia.” 

The show, which is well written and produced by Jennifer Weiner, centers around a full-figured actress from the south trying to make her way in the big city as an entertainer.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was called in to read for this part. Losing out to a veteran I admire as much as Raven Symone makes the sting of not booking it virtually non-existent.  Who knows… if the show gets picked up maybe Georgia will need a big sister or arch rival 🙂



3 Responses to “Raven Symone is Georgia”

  1. […] Symone has even more to celebrate as she is the December covergirl for Kontrol magazine’s Body […]

  2. Jade Bishop Says:

    Mia, Raven and you are both friendly, talented and down to earth,
    while being glamorous, funny and sophisticated! Congratulations
    to Raven, and don’t give up on the future! Life offers great

  3. […] while back I told you about Raven Symone heading up a pilot for ABC Family called, “Great State of Georgia!”   Congratulations are in order […]

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