I Whip My Hair…

I get lots of emails asking me about my hair.  It’s no secret that as an industry professional, I often wear hair extensions and weaves in order to protect my natural tresses. 

My hair of choice? Wagman Hair. I find that their extensions blend the best with my own hair and the longevity of the extensions is unmatched by any I have worn in the past.

If you decide to try Wagman, please tell them I sent you and use coupon code Mia Amber RC4321 at checkout.

Happy Shopping and let me know what you think!




So sorry for not mentioning this the first time but the Coupon Code is good for FIRST TIME shoppers of Wagman’s AND via phone orders only.

Sorry for any confusion.

3 Responses to “I Whip My Hair…”

  1. Jade Bishop Says:

    Mia, I happen to know that your own hair is as long as an extension!


  2. Thanks for the share! A great product can make the difference, and really deliver on ROI…thanks girl! -Chicago!

  3. Hi Mia,

    Love your work and your hair is absolutely beautiful!! I went to the wagman’s site but your coupon code didn’t work :-(. Ordering anyway!!

    Happy Black History Month!

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