I don’t usually watch American Idol past the audition phase and into, “Hollywood Week” but last night I found myself watching, “AI” and mesmerized by one performance in particular.

Jacob Lusk made me stand up in front of my TV to watch his rendition of, “God Bless the Child.”

Do you know how difficult it is as a performer to leave it all on the stage like that?  I can’t wait to see more of him.

Do you have an, “Idol” favorite yet?



4 Responses to “Sidebar…”

  1. I missed that, Jacob was awesome!

  2. Jade Bishop Says:

    Mia, his performance was moving! There are a few contestants that I
    like, but their names escape me! Surprisingly, I love Jennifer Lopez!
    She fits in perfectly. She is “every woman,” and very likeable!
    Thanks for this piece, but flavor chocolate is not Idol’s liking these
    seasons. Maybe you’ll do a piece on Jennifer!

  3. WOW ,that was a performance .I loved the way he used a bit of jazz to add some flavour to the sound .Simply amazing .No favorite’s yet though ,but I will be looking closely from now on .

  4. Jacob is winner

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