I was looking for a way to rejuvenate my tired, cracked up, winter worn skin and purely by accident  at the local CVS, I fell in love!

Olay body butter with jojoba is amazing! Not only is my skin soft as ever but it has a nice glow to it to boot! I find that I don’t even need to slather on the lotion before I step out the door!

If body washes are not your thing I also have an old stand by product that I love to use at least once a month…

Bath and Body Works has a line of Aromatherapy products including a fantastic sugar scrub! The one pictured above is a calming sleep scrub but they come in a variety of therapeutic scents.  Be sure to choose a scent you love because it stays with you for hours!  With just the right mix of body oil and exfoliating “sugar” it’s using it is like having a spa experience in your shower! 

What are some of your skin savers?



One Response to “Sidebar…”

  1. Jade Bishop Says:

    Mia, I LOVE this, as well!


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