Wendy Williams is DWTS

A while back I told you that if self-proclaimed, “Queen of All Media,” Wendy Williams joined this season of Dancing With the Stars, I would be forced to watch it for the first time.  A deal is a deal– Wendy is dancing so I’m watching!

Last night was the first episode and SPOILER ALERT… our girl Wendy didn’t do so hot and scored a 14 out of 30.  However– she really did give it her all and that’s all we can ask for! 

The judges told her to go back to the drawing board, find that dynamic personality that we all know and love and bring it to the dance floor next week.  I agree 100%!

I hope Wend and her partner Tony get at least one more try to show the world what they’re made of!

DWTS is ground breaking this season with not just one curvy contestant (Wendy Williams) but two!  Kirstie Alley is also partying on the dance floor and looking great, too alongside her super hot partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy!

Who is your favorite?



3 Responses to “Wendy Williams is DWTS”

  1. Terry, Jr. Says:

    I gave my votes to Kirstie!!! She was AMAZING on the dance floor last night!! Wendy on the other hand, I’d say it was nerves!! But not bad.

  2. Terry, Jr. Says:

    Oh yeah, both Kristie and Wendy looked great too!!! LOL

  3. I only watched until Wendy danced, and was surprised over her
    humility. Voted for her 10 times–the limit!

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