Marquita’s Curves

Plus size super model Marquita Pring has spoken out about the use of the word, “Curvy” to describe her body.

“I think we need to phase out the category ‘plus-size models,'” (and spoke of her unyielding fondness for Mama Cass). This time around, she told Fashionista, “As for the word ‘curvy,’ I see nothing wrong with it. I don’t need to stress it as my title but I am a curvy, voluptuous, sexy woman and I think the word ‘curvy’ relays a much more positive image. You can be a size 4 or 14 and be considered ‘curvy.'”

Wondering how she got “discovered?” Read on!

Growing up I was always the biggest girl in my grade. I had always been told that I had “such a pretty face,” but everyone seemed to feel the need to stress that it was only my face that was so pretty, never any mention about me just being beautiful, only my face. It was always a compliment but I always wondered why just my face?

Around the age of 15 I really wanted to give modeling a try. I figured I could do beauty work but I never even considered I could model clothing. My mother and I went to a casting agency call in Canada where I met with dozens of agencies. A few were interested, some told me they’d need me to get much smaller but I knew that wasn’t happening. At the time I was seriously active in competitive basketball and my body was extremely toned and fit. There wasn’t much weight for me to lose.

Luckily there were a few agencies telling me I could work at the size I was but I needed to do a test photo shoot so they could see if I was comfortable in front of the camera. I was, and I brought my photos to an agency an hour after the shoot and they signed me on the spot.


I want you to weigh in…

How do you feel about the terms, “Curvy,”  “plus-sized,” and “full-figured” to describe models sized 8-20?  Should we all just be categorized as “models” for all genres in sizes 0-20?

Also, if you are a consumer who wears a size 8-24 or higher does it matter to you what size the models for your favorite retailers wear?



2 Responses to “Marquita’s Curves”

  1. I don’t really like the term plus size, i’t does have a negative vibe to it. I think that there is no reason for models just to be called models no matter what size thay are.

    I do prefer to look att bigger models when i’m buying clothes, that’s because i useally think that the clothing look better on a girl with curves. And it gives a more realistic sence of how the clothing would look on me.

  2. I prefer the term ‘model’. When you look at a person, you will notice their size. There is no real reason to diffrentiate, unless someone is looking for size specific models.

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