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Posted in Hollywood, Pop Culture, Sidebar on April 14, 2011 by miaamber

Say it ain’t so! ABC has canceled iconic soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live.

ABC has canceled two of its longest-running programs, daytime soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.”

The network announced Thursday that the two soap operas would end, with “All My Children” going off the air in September and “One Life to Live” going off the air in January.

In their place, a Mario Batali-hosted food show called “The Chew” will premiere in September, and a health/lifestyle transformation show tentatively called “The Revolution” will premiere in January.

“General Hospital” will remain on the network.

“All My Children” has been the subject of cancellation rumors of late, with’s Nellie Andreeva reporting last month that the show might be replaced by a talk show.

“While we are excited about our new shows and the shift in our business, I can’t help but recognize how bittersweet the change is,” Brian Frons, ABC’s daytime department president , said in an announcement. “We are taking this bold step to expand our business because viewers are looking for different types of programming these days. They are telling us there is room for informative, authentic and fun shows that are relatable, offer a wide variety of opinions and focus on ‘real life’ takeaways.”

The first of those new shows to premiere, “The Chew,” will be hosted by Batali, “What Not To Wear” host Clinton Kelly, “Top Chef” alumna Carla Hall, restaurateur Michael Symon and “Dorm Room Diet” author Daphne Oz.


I’m at a loss for words to think what will become of Erica Kane!  I have been an AMC and OLTL fan since I was a little girl watching “the stories” with my grandma.  I didn’t always understand what was going on but the glamour, drama and intrigue definitely translated 100%

The following clips of Jenny Gardner’s death on AMC are etched in my brain… 

I was in South Carolina watching the show with my cousins when it happened and we were all screaming and upset and yelling! My grandma ran into the living room thinking one of us was injured.  We told her that Jenny died and she was so mad at us for being silly!

RIP AMC & OLTL… Thanks for the memories.




Posted in Beauty, Loves It!, Sidebar on March 8, 2011 by miaamber

I was looking for a way to rejuvenate my tired, cracked up, winter worn skin and purely by accident  at the local CVS, I fell in love!

Olay body butter with jojoba is amazing! Not only is my skin soft as ever but it has a nice glow to it to boot! I find that I don’t even need to slather on the lotion before I step out the door!

If body washes are not your thing I also have an old stand by product that I love to use at least once a month…

Bath and Body Works has a line of Aromatherapy products including a fantastic sugar scrub! The one pictured above is a calming sleep scrub but they come in a variety of therapeutic scents.  Be sure to choose a scent you love because it stays with you for hours!  With just the right mix of body oil and exfoliating “sugar” it’s using it is like having a spa experience in your shower! 

What are some of your skin savers?




Posted in Entertainment, Fashion, Pop Culture, Sidebar on February 21, 2011 by miaamber

Watching the festivities of NBA All-Star Weekend these past couple of days has me yearning to see something I would deem spectacular… a dress-off between three men who take the art of getting dressed to entirely new heights:

NBA Legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier

NBA Legend Darryl Dawkins

and TNT Analyst Craig Sager

While we’re on the topic, I’d pay top dollar to see what the iconic and fashionable Vogue Editor at Large and still #1 in my heart, Andre Leon Talley would do with the three above icons in a style-out.

Please someone hear my plea and make it happen.




Posted in Loves It!, Pop Culture, Sidebar on February 19, 2011 by miaamber

I don’t usually watch American Idol past the audition phase and into, “Hollywood Week” but last night I found myself watching, “AI” and mesmerized by one performance in particular.

Jacob Lusk made me stand up in front of my TV to watch his rendition of, “God Bless the Child.”

Do you know how difficult it is as a performer to leave it all on the stage like that?  I can’t wait to see more of him.

Do you have an, “Idol” favorite yet?




Posted in Entertainment, Hollywood, Loves It!, Pop Culture, Sidebar on February 5, 2011 by miaamber

Two words…Dynasty Barbies!

Mattel has just announced that they are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic television show, “Dynasty” with the release of Krystle & Alexis Barbie dolls!

Not only is each vixen wearing gowns inspired by their original Nolan Miller designs but each has a quote from their character on the box.  Alexis’ quote is: “That sounds like a challenge and I adore a challenge!” Krystle’s quote is: “If you want a rematch just whistle! If you can!”



There’s also a Dynasty movie in the works which will be a prequel to the series. All.Over.It!




Posted in Entertainment, Pop Culture, Sidebar on February 3, 2011 by miaamber

The artwork for the soon to be released Tyler Perry film, “Madea’s Big Happy Family” has been released…

I. Can’t.




Sidebar… (Holiday Edition)

Posted in Loves It!, Sidebar on December 10, 2010 by miaamber

Takes me back to my days as a First Soprano in Mrs. Jackson’s chorus. 

Handel’s Messiah (aka, The Hallelujah Chorus) is the most fun and exhausting piece I have ever performed… In the words of Archie & Edith Bunker,”those were the days!”

Happy holidays, y’all!